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Arc de Triomphe

The painting is so guarded and we had it see it from quite far. Time flew by seeing all the sculptures and displays. The next stop was Arc de Triomphe.
Paris is bit expensive if you have to decide which sight seeing tickets to buy. I would suggest to buy a two day hop on hop off bus tour, thats a best way to travel through the city. I bought tickets to climb up to arc de triomphe which was relatively less crowded and provides best views of the city.
Balaka Basu
From Arc De Triomphe, we started walking on the Boulevard of Champs Elysses. It was indeed a walk to remember with such amazing architecture and flashy designer stores on both sides. We were stopping every 30 seconds to either admire a store or a building. Champ de Elysses looked very different from how it looked in An Evening in Paris.
Jai Sakhalkar
The next thing I did was to catch another metro to Arc de Triomphe. I went on top of the same so that I could have the full view of the beloved city. The super exhausting climb was worth it for I saw the breath-taking view of the city and this time during the day. I gazed from all the sides with amazement. Before climbing down, I took a few pictures and chilled for a while. Enjoying self-company on my “birthday” was something I did for the first time and I enjoyed every bit of it! This was, naturally, turning out to be the best birthday ever! 
Shaunak Bhattacharjee
Arc de Triomphe. One of the most famous monuments in Paris, this 50 meter tall structure was inaugurated in 1850. Built as a triumphal arc type of structure and inspired by the Arc of Titus in Italy, this arc honors those who fought and died for France in the wars.