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Eiffel Tower

So, me and my family, we spent around 2.5 hours on the tower. ( a breathtaking experience)
As they say when U get An opportunity, you should never have second thoughts just grab it & get on it….👗🧳 because we never know what is planned for tomorrow , & what better example than this little virus which has made entire future blury.. So if any opportunity is knocking on ur door , just welcome it with open arms and make most of it… The way me and my BFF did. We were planning for this Europe tour since I dont even remember when… 🤪 but finally when we got a small chance without wasting a second I called Bhakti, “let’s go…!! ” was the obvious reply… we booked the flight ✈️got our Visa done ,all packed 🧳👗👒& Set to go….We visited Europen nations last year , now when I think about it, I feel I am the luckiest…We visited France , Belgium , Germany , Switzerland and Italy ….Let me take U through my Dream Come true moment ✨🗼 ✨ Eiffle TOWER .. one place I always wanted to visit … Standing infront of that metalic structure was so intriguing…✨✨ I always had this unreasonable desire to visit this Magnificent site.. which shines bright as an architectural icon… ✨when u actually stand under it u understand that magnitude of this amazing iron beauty ✨🗼I remember , I was so stoked 🤩… Lost in the Vibes of the atmosphere around… I was hypnotized… 😍😍😍I understood why I had this strong desire to visit this iron lady…✨only after being there… the 360 deg view of the city from the top deck or even from the second floor is mind blowing…When the Eiffel tower is adorned with the sparkle… it is a sight to watch… such breathtaking beauty.. ✨🗼Its every evening for 5 minutes every hour on the hour, this beacon shines over Paris… Forever✨🗼SOME TIPS : • Prebook your tickets to Eiffel tower to avoid the hustle bustle… • Champ de Mars / Tour Eiffel is the closest metro station . You can also get there by bus. The best view of the Eiffel Tower is actually from the opposite side of the river Seine at the Trocadéro, accessed by station Trocadéro on metro line 9 and line 6.. Decide whether you want to go to second floor or to the Summit, both have stupefying view of the city to offer… ✨🗼. You can also use stairs to second floor . • Be careful and alert always , as u might get robbed at this area…few of my friends had bad experience. • Have a Cup of coffee or U can also 🥂🥂 from the restaurants at second floor and cheers to the beauty of the world and happiness around..Make the most of ur visit at this MOST ROMANTIC PLACE … 🥂🗼✨👯‍♀️👒Dont forget to enjoy delicious Crêpe near Eiffel tower , I am all crazy about it… I had it so many times wandering around the Paris streets…. 🥞🍓I love it with Hazelnut, Banana and 🍓… choose your salivating combo 🤤 • If U wish to buy souvenirs ,u can but U need to have bargaining skills…. • Have look from all the four view points, every view is stunning & mesmerizing….Happy traveling in France…. ✨✨keep exploring… 🧳✈️
Eiffel TourThis tallest structure in Paris was built as a part of the 'Exposition Universelle' held in the city in 1889. It was the entrance to this world's fair held to celebrate the French Revolution's 100th anniversary and is also the most popular part of the exposition that is still enduring.
After a mesmerising wide view of the Eiffel Tower, it was the time to actually feel how touching one of the seven wonders would feel like. Standing close to this beautiful structure genuinely gives you vibes of romance and love. I heard one of  guide saying..."It is the perfect place to propose." But that was not all, its even more lovely gazing at the city of lights from the top of the tower. We will go up the Eiffel to feel the love in the air and spend some peaceful time.
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To visit this 1,000 feet tall and giant tower today, you'll battle crowds and pay about €70 per person (for the elevator to the top) but it's well worth. Here are some tips for making it fun, time efficient and memorable:BOOK ONLINE TICKET IN ADVANCE:it's fast, easy, and free to book a reservation online. Be sure to reserve well ahead for peak times, I chose evening time because I wanted to enjoy the sunset from the top.On various traval websites, you will find multiple options of tickets, include riding the elevators to the very top (I recommend getting this option; select "Lift entrance ticket with access to the summit"), riding only as far as the second level, or climbing the stairs to the first or second level (the top can only be reached by elevator). Be sure of your date and time of arrival as reservations are nonrefundable (*depends) After paying , you must either print your ticket (following the printing specifications carefully), or have the ticket's bar code texted to your smartphone. Note that a ticket confirmation itself will not get you in. you must show your bar code, whether in print or on your phone to be scanned when you enter. If you don't book your tickets well in advance then be ready to waste lots of time in the initial entry line, waits of one to two hours (weekends and holidays can be worse). WHAT IF THESE SLOTS ARE BOOKED??? ..To be continued...#eiffeltower #paris #france #toureiffel #parisfrance #travel #parisjetaime #eiffel #love #photography #europe #visitparis #torreeiffel #eiffeltowerparis #eiffeltoweratnight Check out my travel plans on instagram @travel_clues_