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Musee du Louvre

A lot to do on list today, so we got ready and headed out. We made it to the louvre, and tried to soak in all the art, but Monalisa definitely stood out.View of Paris from Arc de triomphe is definitely charming.
Rajsmita Chowdhury
We started our Day 2 a bit late at around 12PM and strolled around the city to admire the pleasant yet modern infrastructure of the city. After the stroll, we had our brunch at a nearby restaurant close to our hotel and post that, we headed to the famous LOUVRE MUSEUM. We had pre-booked our tickets to the museum from the official Louvre site. An individual ticket to the museum costs around 17€ and you can choose any slot of your preference. Since, we chose the 5PM slot, we made sure that we had our tickets ready at that hour. We reached the Louvre museum via the metro one hour before our scheduled slot and hence, had this amazing chance to spend a quality time around the entrance to the museum.
Sanhita Photography
The architecture of the Louvre museum intrigued me. I was mesmerized. It over powered me. I couldn't take much of it's photos. I engulfed what I saw. While walking through a long corridor the sudden sneak peeks to the glass structure enhanced my romance with the architecture. Was surprised and lucky to find a couple having their own moment sitting there. Quickly archived that moment and today it speaks so much to me. Love! Complex or simple , i fail to understand and will never will. That makes it more beautiful.
Kinjal Gala
The Louvre pyramid is a very famous photo spot seen in numerous blogs. The museum houses the 'Mona Lisa' - the most celebrated work of the prolific artist Leonardo Da Vinci. It is so huge that one would need an entire day to cover the whole place. It is an interesting place for historians and architecture enthusiasts. But the lesser interested people would be seen crowding around the 'Mona Lisa' painting and other chambers would be relatively very empty.
Sanhita Photography
The madness of Monalisa.The experience of visiting the Louvre museum was enriching. I was awestruck to see the numerous marble sculptures, paintings and many more. After strolling through the various halls and rooms in the museum, the turn to visit the Monalisa came. Even before entering , i noticed the hall was distinctly more crowded. There were numerous paintings. There is a wall at the centre of the hall, covering  10% area . I entered the hall and walked past that wall to find, it's the wall for Monalisa. The frame is guarded and protected because of the numerous incidents of theft that happened in the past. I had not seen any piece of art, cladded with a bullet proof glass. Moreover, the maddening crowd infront of Monalisa was overwhelming. I don't have a huge knowledge of art, but of the little i know , there were such beautiful, intricate, intriguing paintings in the same hall itself and they were standing alone. Even few works of Leonardo Da Vinci like "The virgin and child" or " Virgin of the rocks" i found much more intriguing than "Monalisa". Alas, these art pieces were standing alone, deprived of love. I archived my experience with Monalisa into the sensor of my camera. The ekdalia evergreen of the Louvre ( this sentence is only for the people from Kolkata). Disclaimer : it's my experience and personal opinion.  It is not meant for imposing specific views or endorsing a particular way of thinking. Also pardon me for any errors or omissions that you might come across. Feel free to let me know about it, I pledge to learn from them. Happy viewing.