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Hôtel Ibis Paris Montmartre

I have been going mostly solo on trips since past 4 years but this time I was on an educational tour in Paris with a big set of people (I and 100 classmates of mine from the university I am pursuing Masters in Management from were staying in a hotel) and this fine night before zonking off to bed I decided to visit Normandy the next morning. I had a clear and a very strong reason to visit Normandy : I have been travelling across Paris since two weeks, got really enough of city life and wanted to be real close to nature.Three of my classmates also wanted to join in. But I woke up next morning only to find that two of them had to forgo their plans. One of them decided to join me after putting in a lot of thoughts as he knew that I am an adventurous soul and he wanted to experience the thrill with me. So I taken him along towards the metro station in the morning with no advance bookings.I generally don't book everything in advance even if i have to shell out extra money because it gives me flexibility to choose time and resources as per my wish. Initially I went to car rental dealer in La Defense but unfortunately all dealer shops were closed as it was Saturday. So I taken a quick call to search for the bus. I found a flixbus closeby that was about to depart, But i didn't have the booking and last minute booking was not even acceptable via Flixbus app. So I thought it would be a wise idea to talk to the driver and I convinced my friend to board the bus as few seats were apparently vacant. When we were halfway through the journey, the bus taken a halt and driver asked for the fare and I paid just half the amount that the other passengers with advance bookings had paid! I stocked up snacks from a nearby supermarket at fuel station. After another 2.5 hours the bus dropped us at Deauville port. The beach was another 1.5 km walk. The moment I saw this place, I sat transfixed by its sheer beauty.
We had opted to travel Paris like each Parisian does!Coming to this city for the first time made us nervous at first.All routes though planned, lots of walking and help from locals what made us confident in this popular-crowded-human settlement of the world.