Les Piaules

Atur Talsania
Les Piaules is a beautiful hostel with very helpful and warm staff who took care of us as we entered. It hosted party's every night and offered 2 beer coupons as well as a welcome kit. From the terrace of the hostel you can see the Eiffel Tower which is what you want to see the first thing you are in Paris. We went to our room which was a share and just relaxed for an hour in hostel as we had a long flight. We left the hostel at around 8 pm local Paris time and took the metro to Eiffel Tower, we had to change 3 trains but there is a map and the hostel guys helped us to mark where all to change the train so it was easy and we had the pass so you just have to swipe in and enter the station and follow the directions, it is very easy and safe way to travel. I felt as if we were travelling in Mumbai as there was crowd even at night and in general Parisian's are very helpful. The train took us till the Eiffel Tower and from the metro station it was a 10 minutes walk.