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Louvre Museum

Raja Brahma
We then set off to our first destination - The Louvre Museum.It houses the Mona Lisa with addition of western works, ancient oriental Egyptian, Greek , Roman civilisation along with Islamic and graphic arts.
Atur Talsania
Day 2 :- Second day post breakfast at the hostel we planned to visit the city's most visited tourist spots starting from The Louvre Museum one of the worlds most visited museums. It is again connected to metro station and once you get down at the station you can enter the museum from down. You can get tickets from the store and enter the museum. If you are an art lover and love history would suggest you to buy audio guide system as well, it will help you. The audio guide will tell you things about the room you enter in detail and is wonderful to know. Do not forget the great "Mona lisa" painting which is the main attraction apart from other paintings and art-effects. We entered the museum around 10.30 am and were there till 1.00 pm since my wife loves art and history. Its worth the time spent and if you have the luxury spend a day at the museum. Please remember any time of the year there is a queue to get in the museum ranging from minimum an hour to two hours, we were very lucky to enter from the metro station and get direct access to the museum without any queue. Please try and plan to visit first thing in the morning, preferably be there by 9 am to avoid the crowd.