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Notre Dame Cathedral

Priyank Aggarwal
The cathedral is located on a river Island and the views are really beautiful around it (Especially at night). Inside is awesome with huge ornate ceilings and massive pillars. Being 850 years old it is beautifully maintained. You can explore the nearby Sainte - Chapelle and beautiful views.
-the Notre Dam Cathedral
Vivek Suryamurthy
En route to the Notre Dame cathedral, I checked out the Louvre museum(obviously closed!) as it was close by and the only time it is free is around midnight. The Pyramide du Louvre stood desolate yet looked impressive! It brought back memories of Da Vinci code and Kane Chronicles! Note: It requires a day or two to have a look at the world's biggest museum. Hence, plan accordingly! I am yet to visit the museum!Finally, I made it to the Notre Dame Cathedral for the Christmas mass. For a non religious person, the entire set of events was interesting. You might wonder why I visited the church in the first place! Christmas at Paris begins with the 12 am clock bell of Notre Dame. One of the biggest churches in Europe, you have to visit it at least for the architecture. What makes it even more interesting is that the church is located in an island close to the river Seine and the view from the river cruise is all the more impressive!
Nikhita Shere
Notre Dame is a tourist spot and it is filled with lanes of shops full of souveniers. Its highly confusing to make out if you have stuck the right deal. tip: As you walk away from the central tourist spot you will realise the price dropping of the items. From 3 caps for 10 Euros the deal changes to 5. Yes! It happened with me, only if someone had alerted me on this TRICK! So begin chekcing out stuff from the street thats further away and then choose the right deals!
Kayli Olson
Of course must see Notre Dame, also a very nice Shakespeare bookstore we spent an hour in to read and write. We spent a lot of time in the bookstore!
Fran Sendiong-Dacono
Old and beautiful. It was so heartwarming to be there, a place of pilgrimage and where we also offered our prayers and thanks for the opportunity that God bestowed us in this trip.
Aanchal Karnwal
On the way back to Airport I also visited very famous Notre Dam, a beautiful and marvel of French Gothic architecture. Each carving on this cathedral is stunning, sculptures and beautiful stained glass, it is among the largest and well known church building in the world.
Valerie Fidan
10. Notre Dame is Amazing, too. Notre Dame de Paris is amazing. The cathedral is widely considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture and among the largest and most well-known church buildings in the world. You should go to the top of the towers, it’s pretty crazy because the steps are teeeny-tiny and you just wind up and up; and when you get to the very top there’s an amazing view.
The Notre Dame! I have been imagining what it would be like to see the Notre Dame since I was 12 years old when I got assigned the dance of Esmeralda to dance at a ballet competition. My ballet teacher told me all about the life of Esmeralda. How she was a beautiful Gypsy begging for money by dancing with her tambourine outside of the Notre Dame. Seeing the building in person was so cool.
Who can get away from the gargoyles and the gothic feel! Beautiful inside and spell binding outside.