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Palais Garnier

Palais Garnier: Palais Garnier, or the Paris National Opera House. The beautifully ornate Palais Garnier was once the setting for the Gaston Leroux’s famous book, later made popular by the musical and film – The Phantom of the Opera. The huge structure with its stupendous dome ceiling has two gilded figures standing on two ends of the terrace at the front. The opulent theatre has elements of Baroque, Palladio and Renaissance blended together. A ticket worth 14 euros will let you in, and you can explore the grand interiors of the world’s most expensive and exuberant opera house. Don’t forget to sit on the steps on the opera and enjoy some live music perhaps played by a street musician as hordes of young tourists give you company on the steps and if you’re lucky, you could witness some dancing by a happy, carefree couple – right on the streets.
Next stop was the Palais Garnier, the Paris Opera. I was Awestruck.It was so spectacular. A treat to the eyes.
Shaunak Bhattacharjee
Garnier Opera House. This opera house has a seating capacity of 1,979 people at a time. It was inaugurated in 1875 and costed 36 million francs to build. With a height of 56 meters from the ground, this opera house was the primary home of the Paris Opera. In 2016, it had 91% seats filled up on an average with 554,274 visitors in the year.
Animesh Sood
The next day, after having the lavish French buffet breakfast, we got set for another day of sightseeing. First and foremost we visited the Palais Garnier which is the Opera House in Paris and a building of exception opulence. It is an absolute masterpiece showcasing the 20th century French architecture.