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Went around the place and started my saunter towards Pantheon, the whole square was so lively with a fountain at the center and people around it. It was a former Roman temple and currently a church, it is considered to be the oldest building in history to still have the un-reinforced ceiling from its construction; after checking it out I started to walk towards the Trevi fountain.
Lakshmi Shuklla
1. Pantheon One of the great examples of neoclassicism architecture Pantheon in Paris was inspired by a Greek cross with a dome somewhat similar to St. Paul's in London. Tour the Pantheon with Paris Notre Dame Pantheon and Latin Quarter Private Tour for Kids and Families. It's a recommended way to see more of Paris. Note that you can get a free entrance to the Pantheon using the Paris Pass Including Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour.
They changed it from being a church into a mausoleum for war heroes. “Twice since then it has reverted to being a church, only to become again a temple to the great intellectuals of France.”I also read that Rodin’s Thinker was housed here for a short period of time.I found it really weird that there was a huge pendulum present in the mausoleum. I didn’t know what it was and nobody there could tell me, so when I came home I had to google it. Turns out, a physicist (named Léon Foucault) wanted to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth with the help of an experiment with a pendulum (later named after him), which is actually 67 meters tall!There are a number of renown people buried in the mausoleum. Actually, the writing on the facade of the building actually means “To the great men, the grateful homeland”. We could saw Victor Hugo’s, Émile Zola‘s, Louis Braille‘s, Jean Monnet‘s, Marie Curie‘s and Alexandre Dumas‘s graves (among many other notable personas).