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Valerie Fidan
14. Les Invalides Les Invalides, which is the gorgeous domed building that used to be the military hospital but now houses Napoleon’s Tomb (skip going in). That is all really close to Champs de Mars, the park that runs under Eiffel Tower. Really nice and pretty area., with great restaurants also hidden throughout. (Image credit: Pantchoa)
What I really liked while we were walking through the tomb were the painted glass windows. I really loved how detailed, yet seemingly simple they were. Also, there were not only just tombs and arms, but little scale-models and soldier-figures as well.And after wandering around for a while, we finally got to the créme-de-la-créme of the expo, Napoleon’s final resting place. Wikipedia says: “Napoleon was initially interred on Saint Helena, butKing Louis-Philippe arranged for his remains to be brought to France in 1840, an event known as le retour des cendres. Napoléon’s remains were first buried in the Chapelle Saint-Jérôme in the Invalides until his final resting place, a tomb made of red quartzite and resting on a green granite base, was finished in 1861.''