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Baidehi Ghosh
Then we decided to go to the less-visited Arikamedu, which is an archaeological site and formerly a French colonial town. It is located on the bank of the Ariyankuppam River.
• Day open to visit Arikamedu Archaeological Site that is close to Veerampattinam, the biggest coastal village. The village has one of the longest beach and most beautiful beaches in the south of India.OR
Postcard Chronicles
Want to have a glimpse of Rome? Visit Arikamedu, the only city with an archaeological record of Roman presence in India. Famous for manufacturing amazing bead jewellery, the glass beads site here was considered as the “mother of all bead centers” in the world.
Niyati Mavinkurve
1. Arikamedu: Ruins of a Massive Port from Roman Times:Not many of us know about ancient Indian kingdoms, much less about how vast they were. For people not living in Tamil Nadu, learning about the Cholas is rare. Arikamedu is a sign of that.