Rock Beach 1/80 by Tripoto
2. Rock beach: In the evening we went to rock beach . It is some what Nariman point in Mumbai .Best place to chill out at night with a variety of bevrages and food items. Having an ice cream in this cold breeze is an stupendous experience ("Aapa to yahi ghar bna lende"). Coming to this place again and again is irrefutable seriously.
Bharat Chander
We reached Pondicherry around 1:00 clock and the temperature was very high at that time.Since we were tired and exhausted after the long drive, so we decided to take a small nap in our hotel. After some rest we started to discover and visit the places there.We started with Rock Beach. We walked towards rock beach. it is a beautiful beach where nature welcomes you and you would love to lost in yourself enjoying it. Carrying eatable things are not allowed here.
Stretching for 1.2 kilometers, this beach is the pride of Pondicherry. It is also known as Promenade beach, Pondicherry beach and the main beach.
@diti $rivastava
We had dinner and go to the Rock Beach for a walk (because of new year there was so much different colour lights).... You can see Statue of Dupleix at rock Beach and also Statue of Gandhi ji..... Near Rock Beach there Are a lane in which you can enjoy Street food (M big Gol Gappe Lover so I tried wherever I go)
@diti $rivastava
Prajwal Chengappa
8:00 am - Headed to Rock beach and saw the place was crowded with joggers and early birds.Ordered a "chai" and settled a bit(Nothing much to do here,actually).9:00 am - Went to "paradise beach" again and had our fun in the waves and goofed around until the sands filled our shorts and our eyes were sore.All in all,it was good fun.
Swagatika Sarangi
Rock Beach
Next stop was the Beach and man I wasn't disappointed. I give you Rock beach...Along with a few other monuments the French war memorial , Gandhi Statue, Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus & Immaculate Conception Cathedral
Footloose Backpackers
Rock Beach: The promenade at the rock beach is beautiful yet hyped. Call it luck or mere coincidence; it was crowded even during the early morning hours. Though the morning breeze did the trick, yet the humidity was sufficient to put one in a black mood.
Bipasha Nath
The city promises a variety of beaches, ensuring that every new sight is not the same as before. Rock Beach, for one, is picturesque in its own way. With innumerable rocks piled up to create a sturdy platform, you can either sit on the sandy pavement, or book yourself a table with a view of Arabian Sea in front. There is a massive Gandhi statue right in the middle of the beach, and is considered to be a landmark spot in the French town.Suggested cafe: Le CafeTime required: 2 hours
Damini Aggarwal
It reminds me of Marine Drive, Mumbai but less crowded and polluted. An evening walk is a must here, especially when there is a 'No Vehicle Zone' here after 6pm. I have never seen a beach in India with this level of security.
Relax at Promenade BeachThis place has a lot of interesting options to eat from French to local Indian Cuisine.. I went to Le café and took one of their sea facing tables. Rest of the day can be spent just gazing into the water at the Promenade Beach. It is situated in the heart of the city and is most popular among the tourist.
Not that i didnt feel secure on other beaches i have been to, but being at this beach is like experiencing a different feel!Security checks can be seen at every corner around the beach here, and "no vehicles allowed" barriers to make 3-4 km way for pedestrians, separate multiple parking areas around the beach, people of every age group taking a walk/doing activities, 24hour cafe serving different mouthwatering cuisines, shopping stores, all lightings everywhere for several kilometers, all this and so much more has made this spot my personal favourite in pondy ::)Oh yes and this town is super clean, absolutely litter free which left me amazed!My heart was longing to stay for all night long here!!i got back into my room by 10:30 p.m. and I liked my room so much that I extended my stay there for Sunday night as well for the two reasons : it was close to my scuba point and also it was such a happening place that remains awake till late in nights!
Pranabandhu Nayak
After spending that some quality time there, started towards Pondycherry late in the evening and reached there by 9pm. Had some food from an eatery and went to the Gandhi beach to sit for sometime. The Gandhi rock beach was full of tourists from around the world. Sitting silently near the seashore was a wonderful experience. The crowd was becoming thin with time and we went to our hotel to have a sleep after a day full of travelling.
Prabhav Sidhaye
The next destination was the Rock beach right in Pudducherry. The beach is, as the name suggests, rocky. There is a long pavement along the beach shore here. As you walk on the beach you see the official(read: Government) buildings of Pudducherry. We walked along the shores until we found a place for breakfast. We ate at this place called Le Cafe that gives you Coffe for Rs. 20. Overall the breakfast was Delicious and we went ahead on our trip.
Vimal Kumar
The day ended up by watching sunset and colour changes during the same. Sky was clear and changed it colours as the time progressed.
Vimal Kumar
I reached around 2:30 pm on the beach and still it was amazing for my eyes to capture the whole of it. The wind was in its own mood to impress me and the sand was indulged in transferring heat from it to my foot.
Shreya Sohan
An awesome place for mind relief. We went there on our first evening but loved it so much that went there again the next day and spent the whole evening. If you are at Rock Beach, you have to visit the cafe there (Le Cafe). The sound of the waves and the wind blowing through your hair, just so peaceful.