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Chaturshrungi Temple

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2)Chaturshrungi Temple:History: it is said to have been worked amid the rule of the Maratha lord Shivaji.Chattushringi (Chattu implies four) is a mountain with four pinnacles. The Chattushringi sanctuary is 90 feet high and 125 feet wide and is an image of intensity and confidence. One needs to climb in excess of 100 stages to achieve the holy place of Goddess Chattushringi. In the sanctuary premises there are additionally sanctuaries of Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesh. This incorporates eight smaller than usual icons of Ashtavinayaka. These little sanctuaries are situated on the four separate hillocks.Also incorporates the sanctuary of vetal maharaj at the baner pashan end.Story: Once there was a rich and prosperous vendor named Durlabhsheth Pitambardas Mahajan who was a vigorous adherent of Goddess Saptashrungi devi and went to every one of Her sanctuaries all over the place. In any case, as he developed more seasoned, he could never again travel and this ruined him from going to the sanctuaries. At that point one night the Goddess Saptashrungi devi showed up in his fantasy and let him know, "whether you can not come to me, I will come to you and remain close you." She instructed him to go to a mountain arranged in the North-West of Pune and burrow there. The place as depicted by the goddess was followed out and supernatural occurrence occurred as he found a characteristic statue of goddess (swayambhu devi). He developed the sanctuary at that place and this is a similar sanctuary which was remodeled time to time, which is the present sanctuary.After sprituali start now you have to heading towards Historical place Shaniwarwada Around 10:00A.M.