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Pune Heritage Walk

Shivam Negi
"Pune is situated on the confluence of Mula and Mutha rivers. The confluence / sangam of two rivers is called as 'punya'. Hence the name Pune. It is also referred to as Punyanagari." Interesting, isn't it? Any history buff? Well if you love itihas/history and crave for it then,the Pune Heritage Walk is something you should surely try.It is part of a series of guided heritage walks and trails in the city of Pune which runs every Saturdays and Sundays at 7am. Generally this 3 hour walk, starting from the Pune Municipal Corporation building extends into the core city area of Old Pune. In this 2.5 km walk people can visit 18 spots of architectural and historical significance. The walk is conducted mainly in- Marathi, Hindi and English. You can register and find details of the walk on this website: