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Day 2: Mt. RigiMost of the travel packages do not include this place, but it is surely worth visit and you can easily spend a day here. Though there are many ways of reaching rigi but the preferred one is to take train till Luzerne from Zurich. From Luzerne change to ship cruise till Vitznau and from there take cog wheel train. All this is free through swiss travel pass. This green mountain with little yellow flowers is the perfect location for movie shoots and photography. We took same way back and took a halt at Swiss transport museum. If you are not great fan of museum you can easily skip this. But the way to museum goes through lake which i really loved as it was very beautiful. On the way back we took a halt at Luzerne for evening snacks and lunch. If you are looking for Indian restaurant then try Kanchi Restaurant. We loved the indian food here. Swiss icecreams are very famous so wherever you get chance do grab some icecreams.
Sumedha Bharpilania
Also known as the Queen of the Swiss Mountains, Rigi stands tall and pretty at 1800 metres. With brilliant views of the Jungfrau, Titlis, Arth Goldau and Zugarsee coupled with the sun rising and setting beyond the horizon of Lake Lucerne, Mount Rigi is fully capable of inducing a deep state of trance and is therefore a must-see for all travellers. Another Mecca for hikers, getting to Rigi from Luzern can be a slightly complicated process and the Classic Rigi Round Trip is therefore suggested. You could also take the train and cable-car connection to the top and back. Information for both is available on the following websites: www.rigi.ch/Adventures/Majestic-moments/Majestic-moments-Groups-Companies/Classic-Rigi-Round-Trip www.fahrplan.sbb.ch Remember that ticket prices are almost reduced by half if you own a Swiss Pass.