Bithoor 1/undefined by Tripoto


Me and my childhood friend always try to visit a new place on a Sunday morning whenever I am at my hometown to relive those good old days. This time we decided to visit bithoor, so we woke up at 4:30 AM to reach the ghat before 6AM as the sun is out early in summers. We met this young boat owner Gaurav Pandey who took us on a boat ride and since I had my camera I was getting a lot of attention assuming I am from some media channel. I kinda enjoyed ut a bit but started taking pictures and there is something about river banks when you trying to capture combination of water and architecture along with people doing thier rituals, it just captures like magic.This picture when I saw it through my lens it was evrything I needed. There were colors,water boats,people doing thier daily work & rituals, reflection in the water of those boats and the ghat. I just felt like bisit was successfull and then I kept my camera down for some time and enjoyed the boat ride and the morning with my buddy because it's kinda hard to leave the camera when your at such a beautiful place but overall it was a great morning as we had our favorite breakfast after that and left.