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Susan Halfhide
Our day started with the usual gush of excitement that accompanies the beginning of a trek. Being a slow mover, I convinced Prashant and our guide to start a little earlier than the other group. That was futile, since everyone caught up with us in the next 45 minutes.I had carried some extra stuff thinking we'd be leaving a bag back at base camp (which did'nt happen), and it was slowing me down. Being stubborn, I kept refusing to give my bag to the porters for a while. But then I started wheezing, and had to ultimately swallow my pride and give up my bag to Mushtaq bhai.Our porters urged us to pick up our pace, saying that the weather could change anytime after 1 pm."Mumbai ka fashion, Dilli ki sarkar, Biwi ka mood or Kashmir ka mausam, kabhi bhi change ho sakta hai". True enough, it did get cloudy and there was a light spell of rain, but it cleared up soon.