The Best Things to Do In Sherbrooke in All Seasons

20th Oct 2014
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The Eastern Townships is known for a wide number of places, many of which have a charm of their own with the much acclaimed flair of the Quebec. If you are looking to head towards the region, a trip to Sherbrooke can be a good addition to the plan. Best known for being the biggest town of Eastern Townships, this is a place that has more surprises than you can think of. Like most other parts of Quebec, there is something about Sherbrooke that makes it worth the time for nature and a great range of outdoor activities. Take a look at the things to do in Sherbrooke for a better travel in each season.

The best times of spring

If you have heard of the maple syrup belt, then this is the place where you can see the sap flowing from the maple farms in the spring. The maple syrup belt starts extends from Eastern Ontario to Vermont and Maine, and this small town is a part of the same line. You can spend the spring times in March and April touring one of the sugar farms. You can also take a look of the Marais Real-D.-Carbonneau nature sanctuary, where bird watching can be quite fun and happening for those who love nature.

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Concerts and events in the summer

Summer is the time when the town breezes from one concert and event to the other. If you go to Marche de la Gare, you will find new concerts that are open for one and all. There are many festivals and shows that are happening in the town, where you can check a lot on the local entertainment. You can also take the Orford Express, which is a popular strain that will start from Sherbrooke and take you to the countryside, so that you can have a new glimpse of the Eastern Townships. You have to make the reservations in advance.

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Enjoying by the fall and winter in Sherbrooke

The fall harvest of this town is not to be missed, and you can find a lot of the vegetables and fruits in the local market that come freshly from the farms. You can plan a trip to the market along with a Fresco Mural Tour, for enjoying and checking the beautiful artistic side of the city. Around the downtown buildings, you will find quite good fresco and wall paintings, which is a rare sight to many international travelers. Come winter, most of the lakes and streams of the city turn into ice and offer an amazing side of Quebec like no other. You can plan a tour of the Lac de Nations, which is a long skating rink that starts from the Jacques-Cartier Park all the way to the much popular Rue L'Esplanade.

The winters are also great when you want to go to the downtown and a flavor of the Christmas season. The beauty of the world on this side is rare, and probably you would have never expected as compared to other parts of Canada.