5 Unusual Places in Rajasthan to Visit This Winter

Photo of 5 Unusual Places in Rajasthan to Visit This Winter by Shilpi and Mithun

Winter is the perfect time to explore the beautiful state of Rajasthan. While the cold weather lasts till end of February, make the most of this time to rediscover what is less heard of. Here are five unusual places in Rajasthan to visit this winter.

1. Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner: The only rat temple of the world

The only Rat Temple in the world

Photo of 5 Unusual Places in Rajasthan to Visit This Winter by Shilpi and Mithun

Get ready to be amazed by the Karni Mata Temple, a place that is so extraordinary. Enter a realm where rats are not just pests, but divine beings worthy of worship. Explore the fascinating Rat Temple in Bikaner, where these furry creatures roam freely and are treated with utmost respect. Prepare to be captivated by this extraordinary and enchanting temple (Unless you are scared of rats). Karni Mata Temple is among the most unusual places in Rajasthan and definitely like no other place in the world!

How to reach Bikaner

The road distance from Gurgaon to Bikaner is 462 km via NH8 and NH11. If you choose NH52, it will be 502 km. It takes 8 hours or more to travel from Delhi to Bikaner. The town is also connected to major cities via rail network.

2. Ranakpur temple: A brilliant 15th century temple made of white marble

Unveil the secrets of Ranakpur temple, a breathtaking 15th century marvel crafted from pure white marble. Located merely 60 km from the renowned Kumbhalgarh Fort, this architectural wonder has stood the test of time, yet surprisingly, not recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. With its sprawling 48,000 square feet and intricate carvings that took half a century to complete, this temple is a testament to the rich heritage of art and culture. This temple with unusual and unparalleled beauty is difficult to forget.

How to reach Ranakpur

The best option to reach Ranakpur is to hire a private vehicle or self-drive. The nearest airport is Udaipur from where you have to travel by road to Ranakpur. The road condition is bad probably because it passes through small villages and forest areas. You’d find a stretch of good roads in just a few places.

3. Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri, Alwar: A marvelous cenotaph in the middle of nowhere

In the heart of a forgotten kingdom of Alwar, lies a cenotaph that holds within its walls a captivating love story. Walking through the old lanes, the ornate cenotaph appears unexpectedly like a breath of fresh air in the middle of a crowded little town. You would not expect such a marvelous structure in a lesser-known village. The ruling king Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh’s love blossomed with Moosi, a commoner outside his wedlock. Their son Vinay Singh erected the cenotaph in her name after his parents’ demise. Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri with lotus shaped roof is a of a combination of red sandstone and white marbles. The elaborate carvings in the chhatri exudes royalty and a historic charm.

How to reach Alwar

If you are a resident of Gurgaon, Alwar is hardly 130 km away. We took Gurgaon- Bhiwadi Alwar bypass Road. Alwar is well connected to the national highways and also has a train station which is a major stop for trains running between Delhi and Jaipur, Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is best to drive to Alwar and explore the hidden gems.

4. Chand Baori, Abhaneri: World’s biggest and deepest stepwell

Chand Baori- World's biggest stepwell

Photo of 5 Unusual Places in Rajasthan to Visit This Winter by Shilpi and Mithun

Escape the hustle and bustle of modern Jaipur and embark on an offbeat adventure just outside the city limits. Discover the hidden gem of Dausa, where the enchanting Chand Baori stepwell await your exploration. What makes this stepwell an unusual place is the fact that it is the world’s largest and deepest stepwell. The four-sided well with 3500 steps extends 100 feet into the ground! The architectural genius of this stepwell will captivate you, even though it is not as elaborate as Gujrat’s Rani ki Vav. The artefacts reveal a great deal about the accuracy and skill of the craftspeople of the past. We promise, this stepwell will get etched in your mind!

How to reach Abhaneri

Abhaneri road runs through tiny villages and fields. The roads are not so smooth but not too bad either. The best mode of transport is your own vehicle. In case you want to travel by air, Jaipur is the nearest airport to reach to from where you would hire a cab to Abhaneri.

5. Nagaur Fort: The most organically restored and stunning fort

This 2nd century fort (also called the fort of hooded cobra) was in a poor, neglected state till 1980. Eventually, the Mehrangarh Museum Trust took Nagaur fort under its wings. Henceforth they restored it to its former glory with the support of Getty Foundation, the UK-based Helen Hamlyn Trust, and Mehrangarh Museum Trust. In the process of restoration of wall paintings, no artificial colors were allowed since they affect the quality of stones. Only vegetable dyes were used. The entire fort has various chambers with period furniture, original chandeliers, dated carpets, and antique elements. Also, an underground water system for the fort in the arid region is an example of architectural brilliance of that time. So, if you haven’t been to this unusual place in Rajasthan, this winter could perhaps be the right time.

How to reach Nagaur

Nagaur is well-connected to the Delhi NCR via N48 and several railheads. 434 km by road from NCR, the nearest airport to Nagaur is JodhpurT Located in the heart of the Nagaur, a crowded marketplace. surrounds the fort. Hence, it is difficult to spot the fort from outside though one can easily guess by looking at the towering walls.

Rajasthan in a nutshell

Rajasthan is more than just forts, palaces and desert. The princely state is an amalgam of a rich, vibrant culture, interesting history and fantastic landscapes. If the busy touristy places don’t excite you anymore, do consider visiting these unusual places in Rajasthan this winter.