Continental Dinner in Rajdhani AC First Class #foodtrail

13th Apr 2018

I cherish travelling by train. In fact given a chance, i prefer travelling to my destination in train than by flight. Opinions vary. To me, flight is suitable for business trips. You reach quickly, get your job done and get back to your headquarters quickly. But for leisure trips or for a vacation, there is nothing like a laid back train journey. I enjoy pulling out that long unread book or laptop to see that long unseen blockbuster in the comfort of my train berth, slowly progressing towards my destination. That is what 'Travelling' means to me!

In my last family trip to Rajasthan, which was the first trip of my toddler son, I booked us in Rajdhani First Class from New Delhi to Sealdah (Kolkata). It was our first trip on First Class. We were fortunate enough to be allotted a Coupe (a locked cabin with only 2 spacious berths). Soon, it became a journey of all 'firsts' to us. We enjoyed the First Class experience. The seats were better, service was better, catering was better, even the food was better. Normal Haldiram snacks was replaced by imported snacks, Frooti was replaced by Tropicana. But the best was yet to come.

At dinner i was surprised to learn there is a Continental Dinner option. Having never heard of it on board, i immediately opted for one. I was served with bread, butter, boiled and salted vegetables, spaghetti and roasted chicken. Taste was good, but the satisfaction of having tried it was better.

Day 2

I will remember the ride not just because of the Coupe experience or First Class corridor experience, but also for the first class continental food experience which i did not knew existed in IRCTC menu.

Continental Dinner in Rajdhani AC First Class

Photo of Sealdah Railway Station, Sealdah, Raja Bazar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Avishek Banerjee