Mesmerising City View from Nahargarh Fort

9th Apr 2021


Photo of Mesmerising City View from Nahargarh Fort by Bhavin Shah

Rushing at the evening hour from office to hostel. I freshened up and left to watch one of the most amazing sunsets in Pink City. Nahargarh Fort holds its historic importance but not diving deep into the history of it and talking about my experience. The road to Nahargarh passes through the hustle and bustle of the city. It passes through the pink covered markets of Jaipur. You might miss a lane or two while heading towards the fort.

After passing by the market, a small narrow zig zag road climbing upwards leads to the main doors of the fort. People take multiple stops on their way to the fort to admire the beauty of the city from different altitudes. Once you reach the top one way leads to the fort and the other leads to the Padao restaurant which offers a bar, a multi cuisine restaurant and magnificent city view.

The view from this restaurant is breathtaking. I could see the flickering city lights as if the sky had turned upside down. The Milky Way galaxy was right down there. You can order your favourite dish and savour the mesmerising city view.

For once it felt to me like a Coldplay concert where the stadium was filled with lights and i was the star of the evening.

Visit Nahargarh to get that feeling and share your experiences.

Ideal time to visit: 6 : 00 PM

Functional Network Operators : Jio

Entry Ticket: 100 Rs