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9th Aug 2020
Photo of Palace By The Lake... 1/6 by Ojas Nisalkar

The state of Rajasthan is known for it's profound royalty and grace yielded from the majesties and exalted monarchs. From the huge impressive structure to the wealthy lifestyle they possessed, it makes an individual overwhelmed with astonishment with an intriguing mindset. The unbelievable architecture and the royalty only can be experienced by tangibly being present. The gigantic structure right on the side of lake Pichola resides from the past 400 years also known as The City Palace. Well, including it in my previous blog was kind of an injustice to the incredible beauty it possess which has to be heard! So here I'll be talking about the mighty palace in the city.

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To enter the palace, an entry fee has to be paid ( Indians: Rs 30 and Foreigners: Rs 300. Excluding the museum fee) If a student, make sure to get you ID along for a discount! The approach road leading to the entrance of the palace runs parallel to the Lake with the beautiful Taj lake palace in the centre! On entering the palace, there is a good amount of information around the courtyard which takes you through the history of the palace, the kings, invasions etc. The construction was started in the year 1559 by his majesty King Udai Singh ll, father of his majesty King Maharana Pratap.

The lower level of the palace on entering talks a lot about King Maharana Pratap and the preceding generations valour, the ammunitions they used and several stories about wars and important events which is quite interesting to go through. There are an uncountable number of secret passage ways and alleys which were kept closed which portrays how crazy the palace is actually. The stairs and passageways open to the tourist are pretty narrow making it difficult for two persons to go through, the stairs are also on an unusual angle making them really steep.

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The most insane and my favourite part of the palace was the Badi Mahal or the Garden palace which is actually a garden within the palace giving it a very different vibe and something really unexpected. Walking through the tree in a palace was in itself a very different experience which can also be said as A Garden With A Window View!

Photo of Palace By The Lake... 4/6 by Ojas Nisalkar

Talking about windows, the windows in the palace mostly display the city or the lake. They have been designed with great precision and skill which does absolute justice to the view from it. The rooms in the palace have different units like Old machines, Utensils and precious artefacts out of which the room of mirrors has a number of colourful mirrors all around making it look like a kaleidoscope. The peacock palace is also a must checkout! The mix of all these different units like the alleys, courtyards, balconies just slip the thought of it being a part of a palace!

Photo of Palace By The Lake... 5/6 by Ojas Nisalkar

The mirror room

After looking around and understanding every bit, you really start connecting with the surroundings and the idea of royalty. After the palace, the museum is one good place to visit filled with different antique stuff and some more artefacts, musical instruments, textiles etc. On exiting the museum, you find yourself at a place were you started the tour!

It is truly an incredible structure with ample amount of history, antiques and secrets which makes it even more exciting and also helps broaden your perspective of what the royal lifestyle was like. Thank you for making it to the end! Do subscribe for more exciting experiences!

Photo of Palace By The Lake... 6/6 by Ojas Nisalkar

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