The Beautiful Scenic Monuments Of Rajasthan Will Soon Be Accessible Through A Smart Card!


While we're well aware of Rajasthan's renowned cultural heritage and stunning beauty, it's no secret that every nook and corner of this state has been thoroughly explored by the touristy crowd. With its immense popularity, the Rajasthan government is now gearing up to introduce a convenient solution just for travelers like us - a smart card that will grant easy access to a multitude of monuments and transport facilities.

Photo of Rajasthan, India by Tanvi Shah (travelstoriesbytan)

Rajasthan To Launch Smart Cards For Tourists

The government of Rajasthan is currently working on a system to launch a unified smart card. With this card, tourists can easily visit different monuments in the state and also use various transportation facilities.

The proposal, of which the tourism department is the nodal agency and the transport department is also a part, calls for the department of information technology to create a portal. This smart card would need to be recharged. It will grant visitors entry to several monuments, according to a Tourism Department official.

Only Super Luxury Buses In The Initial Phase:

The official also mentioned that only super luxury buses will be included in this smart car in the initial phase for intrastate travel. The validity will be decided by keeping crowd management at monuments in mind.

Once the card is launched, depending on the kind of response it receives, even private monuments and museums will be added. Tourists will not have to stand in long queues anymore with this card, and they can save their time, money, and resources.

The card will also offer services like staying in Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC)-owned hotels, resorts, private hotels, and cab services. This will be done after the implementation on a smaller scale is successful.

Purchasing tickets is a very time-consuming process for tourists, especially during peak season. This service will surely save a lot of time for tourists who want to explore more.

What are your views on this upcoming service? Let us know in the comments below.

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