The biggest Cannon of the Ancient Era!!!

5th May 2023
Day 1

During my recent trip, I went to see the Biggest Cannon of the world that has its Abode at the Jaigarh Fort of Jaipur.

Photo of Jaigarh Fort by Amit Singla

The cannon has a barrel of 20.2 ft and weighs 50 tonnes.

Photo of The biggest Cannon of the Ancient Era!!! by Amit Singla

The cannon tears on a two-wheeled vehicle and the wheels are about 5ft in diameter. Apart from this, the vehicle also has two removable additional wheels for transport, their diameter is about 9 feet.

The cannon has the capacity of being fed with 100 kg of gunpowder with 50 kg shell making it able to fire a package load of 150kgs.

The cannon was fired only once, with 100 kilograms of gunpowder, and when fired was claimed to have covered a distance of about 35 kilometres. It is said that the projectile fired from it made a small lake in Chaksu.

As per the stories doing the rounds and being believed, the impact was so powerful that it actually lived to its words as Weapon of Mass destruction. The loud noise created by the blow made people deaf and pregnant women suffered miscarriages. Seeing this destruction of large scale it was never used again.

But being a lethal weapon with immense power it was kept in the fort as a backbone. And the Royal family still gets it maintained every year and prays before it once a year by performing the Swastik Pooja.

Must visit place as you explore the beautiful city Jaipur.

Fort timings : 9am to 5pm

ticket price : Rs. 100 for Indians Rs. 200 for foreigners.

Photo of The biggest Cannon of the Ancient Era!!! by Amit Singla