Evening walk in Riga


An Evening Walk in Riga is a perfect way to relax and unwind. This historical city situated on the Baltic Sea coast about 500 kilometers from the capital Riga, Latvian capital Riga has been one of the best preserved towns in the entire Latvian history. The most popular attractions in this charming city include Castle Hill, Old Town, Old Cathedral, National Gallery, Modern Art Gallery, Market Square, Russian Church, National Museum, Town Hall and Latvian State Museum. It has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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Evening walk in Riga

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Getting around Riga can be an adventure. A map with road identification is necessary when you travel in the city. You should not miss out on attractions like National Gallery, Old Town, Old Cathedral, Castle Hill and Russian Church, which are all found in Old Town. To get to the most attractive areas, you can use the Riga car hire which is available all over the city. Most car hire companies provide services in this area. If you book online, you can also get discounts.

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From Old Town, you can go to Castle Hill, which is a historical area housing the Russian Grand Convocation hall. You have to climb a staircase to get to the top but the view from there is worth it. There is a restaurant where you can enjoy your meal. The Old Bridge is a must-visit and you can take a bus tour from there.

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In addition to enjoying your stay in the Old Town, you can try some of the activities in the city during your day trip. To get to some interesting destinations, you can take part in the Latvian Nightlife. If you rent a car, then you will be able to explore the city at night, which will be an exciting experience. At one end of the city, you can find many bars and clubs.

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During the afternoon walk in Riga, you can look around and admire the rich history that pervades the city. There are beautiful churches and cathedrals in Riga. One church is especially designed with four miraculous tombs. You can observe the beautiful afternoon light there.

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In Riga, you can enjoy the amenities of a well-developed city. Most of the attractions and shopping centers are open all day long. If you rent a car, then you will be able to explore all the sites during your day and night walk in Riga. A well-developed city means safe evening strolls at night.

Renting a car allows me not to discover the sights of Riga.