Estonia,Riga European countries.

29th Dec 2019
Day 1

Day 1
We are so excited to start our vaction, so this Christmas we plan to travel Estonia and Riga both  are neighbouring countries of Finland, as historically these where the part of Russia. After the world war they got freedom..both the country's are filled with nature and old town, with their own heritage, language,cultural views, food,clothes etc..
So we want to explore the Christmas market as well,
From Finland to Estonia we went by cruise which is of 2 hr only from Finland,
Eckroline cruise is very beautiful cruise their you can enjoy music dance food n drinks as well..
And aslo explore the scenic view of  Baltic sea,
As weather was not so good we sat inside the cruise,
Within 2hr we reach Estonia, well me and my husband  visit Estonia 4th time 😃 so me just roaming around old town, village was fully decorated,

Christmas market of Estonia ????

Photo of Estonia,Riga European countries. by Priya Warnekar

Christmas Carol, Very nice aroma of food everywhere.
We enjoyed the Christmas market a lot And from there we had a bus to Riga.

Day 2

We reached Riga by 11'o clock at night, opposite to the bus stand we had booked our hotel Avalon which is 4 star hotel, guys if you are going to Riga do stay in Avalon Hotel, staff is very friendly, cost of hotel is also less which includes breakfast fast and interesting part is behind the hotel old town is no need to take bus tram you can walk easily and explore the old town,

Old town of Riga

Photo of Riga, Latvia by Priya Warnekar

St peter church

Photo of Riga, Latvia by Priya Warnekar

Three brothers Riga

Photo of Riga, Latvia by Priya Warnekar

Swedish gate, through this gate swedish left the Riga????

Photo of Riga, Latvia by Priya Warnekar

Old town square

Photo of Riga, Latvia by Priya Warnekar

Things to see in Riga

Three Brothers – a building complex of tree houses which are among the most famous buildings in Old Riga. This complex is the oldest residential buildings complex in Riga.

St. Peter’s Church – the highest church in Riga (123 m / 404 ft). Head there to see a panoramic view of Riga from a viewing platform at height of 72 metres (236 ft)!

House of Blackheads – another famous landmark in the Old Town. House of the Blackheads was used by a guild of merchants and shipowners. The building was destroyed during the WWII, and it was rebuilt in 1999.

Latvian War Museum – one of the oldest and largest military history museums in Latvia with an impressive collection of historical objects. There you can learn more about Latvia’s military and political history.

Latvian National Museum of Art – featuring the richest collection of national art in Latvia. It is home to more than 52,000 works of art reflecting the development of professional art in the Baltic area and in Latvia from the middle of the 18th century until the present time

Riga Motor Museum – OK, so this one is not totally related to the history of Latvia, but it is the biggest antique vehicle museum in the Baltic countries and gives a unique insight to how vehicles came to be and developed in the region.

House of blackhead

Photo of Estonia,Riga European countries. by Priya Warnekar

Top view from st peter church

Photo of Estonia,Riga European countries. by Priya Warnekar

well their are many foood joints as well, which consists of authentic food for Riga, as Im vegetarian so    i couldn't explore the food, but for non vegetarian they can explore many food option, over all my journey was fantastic, we enjoyed alot..Do visit Riga..