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Rome is a city embedded with centuries of history, and there are infinite things to explore or dig in from your Rome itinerary. If this is your first time in Rome, you will be wondering if all the places are possible to see in two days? You will probably have to make some choices and pick the best.

Starting our trip in Rome for starters we had the good old walking tour of the important city center right from Pantheon to Trevi Fountain and many more. It was more like getting acquainted with places and getting ready for the main course which was the next day.

Standing beneath the Pantheon's famous dome, the sunlight gushing in through the round opening in the center of the dome was just a sight you do not want to miss. The Pantheon is the only structure with good condition compared to other Roman structures. It is served as a church for the past seven centuries. The entry is free of cost, but it is closed during masses. Because of the modern buildings around Piazza Della Rotonda now the Pantheon seems to look a little out of the place as the square is encircled with cafes, shops, and joints around. But still, you will want to step in and stare upward at the Pantheon's impressive dome.

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Heading toward the next stop- we tossed a coin into the Trevi Fountain and wished to stay back in Rome ???? the famous Trevi Fountain, known for the tradition to throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder, and you will be fated to return the city. The place is crowded during the daytime so if you lucky if you can get a decent click with the fountain in the background.

After too much walking we headed to the city center to soak up the Italian vibes around the Spanish Steps. Piazza di Spagna consist of 135 steps in total right below the Piazza Trinita dei Monti is a great place to rest your leg and take a short break. You will find many locals sitting along the steps gazing at the city crowd and a beautiful sunset.

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Located at the foot of the Capitoline Hill- Piazza Venezia the city square is always crowded with locals and tourist. Situated in the center it is a place where you can get a panoramic view of the Roman city- at one side you can marvel at the Rom's largest street, the other side you can gaze at the Imperial Forums and Colosseum.

Being the city's main center 4 major roads meet at this Piazza with the city hustle and bustle. You can also find San Marco church the oldest basilica in Rome. Build in 336AD which is now a part of Palazzo Venezia. You can even get a ticket to the rooftop of the Piazza. There is an elevator which was built at the back of the Piazza, and now it's become a tourist attraction where visitors can crawl through the rooftop for a panoramic sight of the city. Seeing the golden spark of the sun dawn which was magical, we ended the first day by briefing ourselves to Rome. And it was only the beginning, the rest that was to come surpassed the expectations.

After the beautiful sunset, we walked past the banks of the Tiber. The place was scenic and peaceful. Crossing several blocks, we reached our endpoint for Dinner. Located in the city center away from the hustle we sat down and ate some Spaghetti meatballs with some Italian bread along. As the dinner was included in our travel package, we didn't have much choice, but we had a complete next day to try and experiment with Italian delicacies.

The next day was a combination of all these sights with Vatican City Tour and Colosseum Tour as the main course. After some delicious breakfast, we ventured out for the first guided tour of The Vatican City. Moving through the Metro we started the Vatican City Walking tour.

With so many things to talk about, summing up in a blog is difficult the best way to explore the Vatican is through a guided tour. The Sistine Chapel's ceiling, the Maps across the hallways, the throne, historical spiral staircase, and the most famous St Peter's Basilica are the real beauty of art and many stories rooted to be perceived. The Vatican Museums consist of precious fine art which cannot be explained in mere 3-4 hours of the tour probably a day in the Vatican is also not enough to learn about its history. The best way to start your itinerary begins with The Vatican City Tour which opens at 9:00 in the morning. Would suggest to pre-book the tickets online or prior a day so you wouldn't waste time standing in long queues.

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The best part about Rome is that there is a small country residing within it. The Vatican is the smallest independent country in the world. Designed by the most renowned people St. Peter's is the largest church in the world. We could gaze through the interior while ending the walking tour and it was the most impressive church, I have come across compared to the others. Walking through the pages of Vatican history we found a famous Pizza takeaway café right at the exit of the Vatican City. Hogging on some pizzas and spaghetti we marched toward some free time we got on our itinerary. Wandering around the streets of Rome we revisited few of the sights which we had for our starters. Clicking and cherishing some great moments we headed to our walking tour at Colosseum. Before that we had to try the famous Italian gelato from Venchi, and trust me, it's worth every bite. When in Italy you are sure to put on some weight with all the cheese, pizzas and gelatos, but you can sure lose that weight when you back from vacation.

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No trip to Rome is complete without seeing the Colosseum. The largest and most preserved amphitheater from the Roman era- the Colosseum has an epic history to hear and thrill your eyes.

Our guided tour was booked by our tour manager (it can also be booked from outside Colosseum), so without wasting time we headed inside through the main entrance where we got briefed about the History of Colosseum. The best part is the ticket does give an entrance to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill right adjacent to the Colosseum. Learning the history behind the Roman Empire, we headed back to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. The large plaza below the hill was the city's central structures and buildings which are now the ruins of the 8th century BC Roman city. The best way to explore these places is to hire a guide because without which it will just be the fragmented structures to gaze at.