12th Jul 2018
Photo of Salzburg by Aishwarya Mishra

The long walk and the view you see after all that hardwork is impeccable. I have been to Salzburg twice and everytime I go to this place it gives me a new kind of feeling but one thing is constant its the joy.

Photo of Mönchsberg, Salzburg, Austria by Aishwarya Mishra
Photo of Mönchsberg, Salzburg, Austria by Aishwarya Mishra
Photo of Mönchberg, Germany by Aishwarya Mishra

This is the picture of Salzburg in the winters. It rains a bit but walking around in the chilly weather feels amazing.

Photo of Mönchberg, Germany by Aishwarya Mishra

This is apple strudel .If you are in salzburg and you do not have this sweet delicacy then your trip is not complete So make sure you get a chance to have it. It does not just look amazing, it tastes amazing.

Photo of Mönchberg, Germany by Aishwarya Mishra

Every step I take, every place I visit has some memories, Love, surprise attached to it. If you wish to rediscover, if you wish to rejuvenate then travel is the solution. Your age doesn't matter, its okay not to have a reason to travel. Because that is what is going to give you memories to cherish

Photo of Getreidegasse, Salzburg, Austria by Aishwarya Mishra

The Getreidegasse is the bustling heart of Salzburg’s Old City, its unmistakable charm as well as Mozart’s Birthplace making it an irresistible destination for countless visitors from around the world. Aside from an array of international fashion chains, the Getreidegasse also charms passers-by with its traditional inns and unique businesses steeped in history.

The Architecture of the Getreidegasse

The architecture of the houses in the Getreidegasse is characterized by beautiful doorways, as well as by windows that become steadily smaller from the first floor up. In addition, the old houses are often decorated with important dates in their history, the names of former owners and even the eye of God. Yet another magnet for visitors is Mozart’s Birthplace, which stands at No. 9 Getreidegasse. Salzburg’s immortal wunderkind was born here back in 1756.

The Getreidegasse – a street for pleasant strolls and shopping expeditions

Above all, the Getreidegasse draws visitors with its wide selection of international fashion chains, traditional shops and a broad range of dining opportunities. Aside from jewelry, folkwear, trendy accessories, antiquities, leather goods, stationery and perfume shops, avid shoppers can also pick up groceries and deli products in the Getreidegasse. A particular highlight of this street are its ornamental and often quite elaborate guild signs protruding from the building facades, high above pedestrians’ heads. The Wieber shop in the Getreidegasse is a traditional metalworking business which, among other things, still manufactures these “advertising signs” by hand.