Just In: Maharashtra Forest dept shuts entry to Vasota fort till October


Vasota Fort is a historic fort located in the Satara districtof Maharashtra. The fort is situated in the Western Ghats, at a scenic location in the middle of the forests. Vasota fort is believed to have been built by Kolhapur Shilahara Raja Nandgopal in the 11th century, and won by Chhatrapati Shivaji in the 16th century. As per historical records, it was used as a prison by him, and also served as a vantage point to oversee the entire Konkan region. Today, this hidden gem is frequented by trekkers and adventure enthusiasts.

However, the state forest department has closed entry to Vasota fort, for four months till October 16, owing to large wildlife movement and animal breeding season during monsoon. Being in the Western Ghats, the fort also faces threats of landslides, and the steep climb up the fort becomes treacherous during monsoon.

Range forest officer for Bamnoli forest range, Balkrishna Hasabnis, announced, "Vasota fort located in the Bamnoli area of Sahyadri Tiger Reserve (STR) is now closed for tourism. The start of the next tourist season will be announced post-monsoon as per the orders from the authorities."


Photo of Just In: Maharashtra Forest dept shuts entry to Vasota fort till October by Aparajita

The officer added, "During this period, entry to Vasota is strictly prohibited, and if anyone is found violating the order action will be taken according to prevailing laws and rules.

Vasota is located at a height of 3,842 feet above sea level amidst a dense forest area near the backwaters of Koyna Dam. The trek is considered thrilling and adventurous due to its uphill climb and path through the forest.

The fort comes under the protected Koyna wildlife sanctuary, and overnight stays/camping is banned in the forest.

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