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Rialto Bridge- ponte di Rialto: Is one of the oldest bridges and famous you will see there....

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The route 2 boat takes you around all the major attractions around the main islands and you will not miss any place like PIAZZA SAN MARCO, PALAZZO DUCALE, BASILICA DI SAN MARCO, RIALTO, SANTA MARIA DELLA SALUTE and many more tourist attractions....

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31024 Venice
Amazing gondola ride here!
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Piazza San Marco, 31024 Venice
At the heart of Venice's St.. Mark's Square - Piazza San Marco - Considered to be one of the most beautiful squares in the world, thanks to the unusual composition and architecture, combining elements of fantasy and reality. Square is connected to the Piazzetta San Marco (Venice square at the coast) . They are limited by buildings of the Doge's Palace and St.. Stephen's Basilica. Mark. In front of the basilica is a neoclassical building "Wings of Napoleon", built on his command. n the shadow of the arcades of marble palaces are hidden shops with Venetian artistic handicrafts (Mainly jewelery, lace and glass) and the famous, recorded in the history of the city cafes, including Cafe Florian and Quadri Cafe, where regulars were known artists, writers and other prominent personalities. St. Mark's Square. Make the whole period of its history was the center of Venice, was the site of important political and religious Republic, the scene of national ceremonies, church and folk.
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