Our trip to Seychelles-1


“I was not so fond of beaches until I went to Seychelles”

Plenty has been written on Seychelles and my purpose here is to help you in planning a trip to Seychelles. Why do people go to places? It can be a lot of varied reasons: adventure, relaxation, introspection, photography, to experience a new culture, a newer horizon, a different view etc. I think Seychelles has all these to offer.

Would advice you to book and plan the trip on your own, however it will require a lot of research and hard work. The series of posts here are to assist you on the same . However if you are planning to book through an agent, the best options are: MakeMyTrip , Tripadvisor, Thomas Cook.

Advantages of booking on your own:

  • Cheaper which means more number of days
  • Seychelles has so much to offer so you can customize as per your liking
  • Choice of hotels : between resort , self catering or services and proximity to the area where you want to spend more of your time
  • Among the Islands few are very beautiful and you may want to spend more time there.
  • We were there in July, one of the better season to be there, you would also want to be there at the right time.
Photo of Our trip to Seychelles-1 1/2 by Abhinav Sharma
Feeding a giant tortoise

So the first step to plan the trip is to narrow down on what you would want to do.For us it was majorly Island hopping , hiking and roaming around the beautiful beaches. So i here list down what all you can do in Seychelles:

  • Island Hopping
  • Snorkeling
  • Deep sea diving
  • Day cruise with barbecue
  • Roaming around the beaches
  • Enjoying sea food
  • Hiking
  • Visiting the UNESCO heritage sites
  • Renting a car and just driving around
  • Sunset beaches
  • A walk in the National park
  • Ferry rides
  • Tea Gardens
  • Local markets
  • Local cafes and cuisine
Photo of Our trip to Seychelles-1 2/2 by Abhinav Sharma
A walk by the beaches

Do a bit of research and you will be happy to be at Seychelles for I got to see clouded mountains around the sea.

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