Iceland Day 5: Hofn till Myvatn (towards North Iceland)


It was going to be a long drive today, as we planned to go to Myvatn area which is in North Iceland, 429 kms away on ring road route 1.

Furthermore, we were keen on stopping at some of the places in between. So, We wanted to leave early in the morning to visit the attractions and reach Myvatn by evening.

Our host at the Airbnb in Hofn was kind enough to help us with breakfast which she had nicely arranged on the dining table after which we were all set to embark on our adventure today.

The Route

We took the longer route via Djupivogur as we wanted to drive along the east coast of Iceland.

This is the ring road route number 1 which we traversed to reach Myvatn. There is a shorter route open during the summer months which is route 95.

But, the drive along the east fjords of Iceland is worth the long drive in and out of various towns.

This was our first stop in Hofn, approximately 10 mins away. From the main road, there is turn towards a gravel road which led to a Viking cafe where we parked our car. The mountains looked admirable from here with their peaks poking out like horns giving it the name it dons. We walked along the Viking village with some turf houses towards the mountains casting their reflection on the black sand beach.

From the Viking cafe, we took the tickets to access the Stokksness beach and drove further ahead to the right. There was a lighthouse mentioned in the map, but we couldn’t find a way to it as it was blocked. We went down towards the black sand beach over which the volcanic mountains were looking like a majestic beauty complementing the waves of the Atlantic ocean kissing the black shore.

Photo of Vestrahorn Mountain, Iceland by nidhi patnaik
Photo of Vestrahorn Mountain, Iceland by nidhi patnaik

Driving along the east coast –

The drive along the Atlantic ocean and eastern fjords is just too beautiful with the deep blue ocean on side shining brightly under the sun. With very few cars here, it was easy to follow the winding roads. We stopped at few of the off-road parking spots to capture some pictures and admire the view outside.

The drive along the eastern fjords

Photo of Iceland Day 5: Hofn till Myvatn (towards North Iceland) by nidhi patnaik
Photo of Iceland Day 5: Hofn till Myvatn (towards North Iceland) by nidhi patnaik

This place is one of my favorites in Iceland. Egglistadir is a popular town in East Iceland which is also a good stopover while driving through the ring road in Iceland. But, we chose to visit Seydisfjordur in eastern fjords amongst the others. From Egglistadir, there is road through the steep mountains which is 27 kms approximately to Seydisfjordur.

The drive to Seydisfjordur was filled with astounding landscapes. It was surprising to see such extraordinary landscapes with snow capped mountains and streams on the way.

We were taken aback with the views of the mountains with pecks of snow lying in a way that formed patterns of utmost beauty. The entire drive was mesmerizing and also a challenge to keep my eyes on the road while driving.

When we reached Seydisfjordur, it was quite cold and windy. We went to the famous rainbow church which has a colored street painted like a rainbow. After taking some pictures in this quaint serene town, we checked in to a nearby cafe to get something to eat( which was hard to figure out because of the prices and the unknown dishes).

There is a lot more to do in Seydisfjordur, but since we were still 200 kms away from Myvatn, we had to leave to make our way back.

Photo of Seydisfjordur, Iceland by nidhi patnaik

The church

Photo of Seydisfjordur, Iceland by nidhi patnaik

The quaint serene town

Photo of Seydisfjordur, Iceland by nidhi patnaik

While driving towards the north, the landscape changed into out worldly sights filled with heaps of volcanic ash. The Martian landscapes were a sight to behold and ponder upon the uniqueness of this small island with such diverse scenes from nature’s treasures.

At another turn, there was smoke coming out of the mountains adding more flavor to the dramatic landscape which had turned into a dream like adventure in an unknown land.

We reached the Airbnb accommodation here which was a shared room in a 4 bhk house. It was a small room but good enough to spend one night with all basic amenities like microwave and utensils. We checked in and found our keys as per the instructions from our host. As we had booked Myvatn nature baths online in advance for a slot at 9:30 PM, we left immediately to check in at the nature baths.

Having been to the blue lagoon earlier, this was much smaller comparatively and less touristy. Mostly the locals use this natural pool enriched with minerals and salt. It was cold outside, so getting into the geothermally heated pool was a respite. The deep blue water surrounded in between the smoky mountains emboldened with the lava mosses was an experience to keep forever. The tiredness from a long drive vanished in no time and it was a relaxing end to a day filled with surprises.

The steam bath - natural pool

Photo of Mývatn Nature Baths, Mývatn, Iceland by nidhi patnaik

The smoky mountains of Myvatn

Photo of Mývatn Nature Baths, Mývatn, Iceland by nidhi patnaik

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