Palace of RAVANA I रावण का सोने का महल श्रीलंका??? Is it true or just a Myth?


There are places with stories and locations that convey stories. You may find it difficult to decide between the two when visiting Sigiriya in Sri Lanka because it combines elements of each. Some people think it was formerly the location of a significant Buddhist monastery, while others claim Ravana's palace from the renowned epic Ramayana once stood here!

The first fact said that the native Sinhalese dynasty, the Moriya, was controlled by Kashyapa I in the fifth century, who also constructed Sigiriya. Up to Kashyapa's defeat in A.D. 495, the formidable castle served as the Sinhalese kingdom's capital.

The mythological fact said that the architect of the Sigiriya was a Danava named Maya Danava, according to the Palm Leaf Book (Puskola Potha) of Ravana Watha (Ravana Story). On the advice of King Visthavasa (Vishravasamuni), the father of Ravana, he constructed Sigiriya. Later Ravana ruled his kingdom from there.

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One of Sri Lanka's most priceless historical sites is Sigiriya. The ancient palace and fortress complex, known locally as the "Eighth Wonder of the World," is of great archaeological significance and draws several tourists each year. It is conceivably Sri Lanka's most popular tourist location.

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