Night Photography To Perfume Making - Quirky Tours In Singapore For A Long Layover


Singapore is renowned for its fragrant urban expanses that are a potpourri of many cultures, people and communities. To get yourself initiated in the Singapore way of life, make sure you spend your time wisely and get the best of the Lion City.

Whether you are an explorer or a foodie, there is a tour for every kind of traveller in Singapore. If you are the kind of traveller who likes to stay off the beaten path and explore places with locals, then these quirky yet inspiring tours should be the way you explore Singapore.

1. Create Your Signature Perfume

The tour: If you could create your own fragrance, how would it smell? Indulge your olfactory senses in a session of perfume creating in Singapore. Handpick your own concoction from over 400 essences and ingredients from around the world. On the tour, you will also get an inside view into the workings of a French perfumery at Je'taime Perfumery and the Perfume Workshop in Singapore.

Price: ₹ 6,174 per person

Inclusions: The signature perfume you will create.

Note: The tour is 2 hours long

2. Gin & Tonic Pairing Masterclass

The tour: Have you ever wondered how the delicious cocktail in your hand actually got there? Trace the journey of the famous gin and tonic from the jungles of Malaya to its current popular form with Abhishek C George, who is the owner of the Spiffy Dapper, a renowned bar in Singapore. Taste five different versions of the classic drink with your host, and even learn to make one yourself!

Price: ₹5,053 per person

Inclusions: Free gin and tonics, with snacks from Spiffy Dapper's food menu.

Note: The tour is 2 hours long and anyone older than 18 years can attend.

3. Golden Hour Photography Tour

The tour: Photographers believe that just before the sun sets the sky lights up with incomparable and inimitable hues of red and yellow; they call it the 'golden hour' of photography. On your trip to Singapore capture the picturesque sights of the city during the golden hour with this photography tour. You will starting from Chinatown, moving towards Clark Quay through the street markets, watch the sunset at Esplanade and finish the tour with a light show against the backdrop of the Supertrees at Gardens By The Bay.

Price: ₹6,064 per person

Inclusions: A professional photographer guiding the tour.

Note: The tour is 4 hours long and anyone older than 12 years can attend.

4. E-Scooter City Tour at Night

The tour: The sights of Singapore come alive at night as the streets and skyscrapers light up. Hit the road and explore the fluorescence of Singapore with cool breeze in your face on this exciting e-scooter tour of Singapore. The tour will begin at High Street Centre and then take you through the major attractions of the city – Singapore river, Colonial District, National Gallery, Lau Pasat, Marina Barrage, Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay and Helix Bridge.

Price: ₹6,350 per person

Inclusions: An e-scooter, guide, light snacks and beverages

Note: You must know how to ride a bicycle to participate in this tour. It is over 3 hours long and anyone older than 12 years can attend.

5. Kampong Glam: A Historical Journey

The tour: A place is more than a geographical location, it's a space made up of stories – tales of natural and personal history told passionately for ages. If travel to you means interacting with locals and getting an insider's view of living in this city state, then take part in this tour hosted by Sharom, a trained historian and educator. Beginning at Bugis MRT Station, Sharom will take you to cafes along Kandahar and Bussorah Street, the Aliwal Arts Centre and shops serving local delicacies, all the while narrating stories of growing up in the area.

Price: ₹1,430 per person

Inclusions: Bottled water, traditional local snacks

Note: The tour is 1.5 hours long and anyone older than 8 years (those under 18 can come with a guardian) can attend.

6. Ready, Casette, Go!

The tour: The landfills of Asia contain over 4.6 million tons of e-waste generated from the obsolescent nature of technology. In an effort to re-use the waste, J.J., the host, collects and weaves discarded tapes giving the product a new life. This peculiar 'fabric' is recognised as MusicCloth and on this tour, J.J. will take you through an amazing collection of cassette tapes, of which you can weave your own MusicCloth.

Price: ₹3,472 per person

Inclusions: Herbal tea, tea or coffee, cassette tapes and Pandan Chiffon

Note: The tour is 1.5 hours long and anyone older than 10 years can attend.

7. Spice Garden Food Tasting

The tour: The Singapore metropolis is an assortment of myriad cultures, people, ethnic groups and cuisines! When the early Chinese people immigrated to Singapore, they developed a particular cuisine and culture. Known as Peranakan, this community is very much a part of the city's heritage today. This tour takes you through the Spice Garden at Fort Canning Park, Peranakan Museum, Peranakan shophouses from the early 20th century and take a dive into Nyonya, the Peranakan cuisine.

Price: ₹3,243 per person

Inclusions: Transport by air-conditioned coach, local guide, admission fees, food sampling and hotel pickup and drop-off.

Note: The tour is 3.5 hours long and anyone older than 8 years (if under 18, then come with a guardian) can attend.

8. Feng Shui Tour

The tour: The bones of a very urban Singapore are made of rich traditions and cultures. Explore these foundations that lay hidden amongst towering sky-scrappers and busy streets. The Feng Shui tour will take you to these sites of cultural relevance: the 200-year-old Hakka Cemetry which gives a peak into the Chinese burial practices; Shuang Li Temple on the outskirts of Singapore and the Marina Bay Sands for a Feng-Shui inspired perspective of the buildings of Singapore.

Price: ₹8,329 per person

Inclusions: Hotel pick-up, transportation cost and local guide.

Note: The tour is 4 hours long.

9. Fear Factor Singapore

The tour: If you have ever wanted to test your mettle at the nerve-wracking reality show Fear Factor, then this Fear Factor Tour is the closest you can get. Put your senses to test with this quirky tour that begins with a pitch-dark challenge known as "Dialogue in the Dark", then shock your taste-buds with the Exotic Food Challenge, and wrap the tour with a rush of adrenaline at a high-ropes course called High Element Challenge!

Price: ₹9,400 per person

Inclusion: Guided adventure tour around Singapore and admission fees.

Note: The tour is 5 hours long and anyone older than 21 years can attend.

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