5 Countries Impossible to Visit for travelers


Countries Almost Impossible to Visit

We have shared a lot of places to visit in India, Sydney, Dubai, and soon I am sharing my recent trip to Sri Lanka.

But this post is different as here we are covering some of the countries impossible for tourists to visit.

These places are part of the same globe we live on, but their citizens are far from basic fundamental rights.

North Korea

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You must have guessed this one immediately after reading the title. The hermit kingdom is very introverted towards the world.

The country has a lunatic dictator ( although they call it a democratic territory); who has kept the country as a preserved secret.

People who visit as tourists from other countries have to submit their cellphones to the North Korean authorities and returned on their departure.

Apart from the above, there are several rules and regulations in the country for the citizens and tourists, eg

Limited available hairstyles, you can only go for certain hairstyle decided by government . OMG. 3 generation punishment Clicking pictures of leaders only under the surveillance of local authorities.

To reach North Korea, you have to either take a train or a flight from China. The country provides visas to limited people; citizens from the United States of America are deny to enter the territory.

So plan your travel wisely.


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A before and after war image of Yemen.

Once a beautiful city, turned into a nightmare after a war.

Visiting Yemen is pain rather than pleasure; the country is under a no-fly zone as per the restrictions by the United Arab Emirate; is also risky to reach by boats due to the area prone to pirates.

To add a cherry to your cake, if you are holding a US passport; it will be almost impossible to get a VISA to enter this country.

Some tourists who have managed to sneak into the country had shared experiences; that they had to pay a lot of bribes to locals and government officials.


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It is an island located near Australia-New Zealand and is the second least populated country after Vatican city.

The country gets 150-200 tourists a year.

Yes, you read that right, the above number is for a year; is almost equivalent to the number of people a local restaurant serves in a busy lunch.

The country is impossible to reach as you have to present a letter from a local sponsor; to the visa authorities.

If you are still passionate about visiting then please note; there is no public transport for an excursion in the place,

and also has only 1 small restaurant.


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Who doesn't know the tyrant Gaddafi, the country was isolated from the world by similar ideologists; as their leader and to date is one of the most conserved countries to allow travel.

You are free to visit Libya, if you are visiting for any diplomatic talk or any business-related mission; but they don't allow free independent travelers.

Libya has a permanent travel ban to countries like Isreal, Pakistan, Syria, Bangladesh, Yemen, Sudan.

But, if you are a citizen of Jordan and Tunisia then you get the privilege of visiting the country; with a valid passport.


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The company is nicknamed North Korea of Africa; it mostly refuses all the visa applications, mainly the journalists visiting these places.

The country is said to be very secretive politically; thus making it difficult for people to get visa approval for the country.

A handful of people who are on a diplomatic mission can visit this country; and people who have visited often described the place as a nightmare; with poor infrastructure as well as trapped in poverty.

These were some of the places we have covered.

Apart from the countries mentioned above, some others like Syria and South Sudan are also destinations forbidden for tourists.

We hope one day they open the doors for the tourists to explore the unexplored.

If you got an opportunity to visit any of them, feel free to share with us.

Thank you.

Stay Tuned !!!