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Urban Sydney Walking Tour

14th Dec 2013
Photo of Urban Sydney Walking Tour 1/4 by Sydney Urban Adventures
Underground In Sydney
Photo of Urban Sydney Walking Tour 2/4 by Sydney Urban Adventures
On Sydney's streets
Photo of Urban Sydney Walking Tour 3/4 by Sydney Urban Adventures
Hyde Park, Sydney
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The Rocks, Sydney

Sydney is in more than one way a perfect coastal city. With beautiful beaches, ports, open parks, historic buildings to modern day skyscrapers, Sydney's urban culture is flamboyant to say the least. From the great Opera House to the Sydney Harbor Bridge, there are quite a many tourist attractions here and is thus one of the most visited cities in Australia. Alos, the most populace city and the capital of New South Wales, Sydney is known for providing quality time to its visitors.

Sydney is not just a good looking city though, it is rich in culture and has a number of heritage structures to flaunt like the Sydney Town Hall, The Australian Museum, Queen Victoria Building and so on. It also boasts of various architectural styles which makes its buildings even more interesting. Gothic, Romanesque, Edwardian. Georgian, Classical are few of the styles found here.

There are a lot of hidden treasures amidst the tall towers in Sydney. An urban walk on Sydney's streets can tell you a lot about the city and its history. Our two-hour walk through the various monuments and streets of Sydney gives an overview of the abundant beauty of this city. We take you to places that are on the tourist map like the Opera House or the Sydney Harbor Bridge and to some places that are not usually visited. Together this tour plans to take you through the Urban culture and heritage of the city while exploring some bits of its past.

To make this journey more interesting, we follow the route of the "Tank Stream", a freshwater tributary that provided fresh water and all kinds of food for the Aboriginal people, the Gadigal, prior to British colonization. The British took over it during the colonial rule and it is now represented by a blue line painted on the ground that runs through the city. Thus it harbors much of Sydney's rich history and retracing the tracks of this little stream will help you get a better perspective of the city. This professionally guided tour encompasses the must-knows of the city along with its contemporary heritage. This tour is designed to give you the most out of Sydney in the least time.

Time- Approximately 2 hours

Starts at- 10 am

Takes place all 7 days of the week.

We begin at the Booking Centre, Wharf 6, Circular Quay. The Rocks are one of the oldest and historic areas Sydney situated on the Sydney harbor. It provides a glimpse into the past of this modern city. Lined with Museums, galleries, cafes, bars etc. the Rocks are also the home to some of Sydney's oldest surviving pubs. Historic buildings are seen on both sides of the street and from here on we follow our Blue Line of the Tank Stream.
Photo of The Rocks, New South Wales, Australia by Sydney Urban Adventures
This arched bridge, fondly known, as the "coat hanger" is one of Sydney's most popular sights. It runs over the Sydney harbor to join the Central Business District to the North Shore. It is the world's largest bridge and a major landmark for the city. It is almost equivalent to what the Statue of Liberty is to New York. It has been a part of Sydney's history and till today continues to be a part of its rich architectural heritage.
Photo of Sydney Harbour Bridge, Millers Point, New South Wales, Australia by Sydney Urban Adventures
Sydney is recognizable through its Opera House. Therefor, a visit here is obligatory. Listed in UNESCO's World Heritage Center List, this magnanimous structure is a gem in the Sydney sky. Built in 1973, it is well known for its architecture and design. Standing shaped like white sails on the Sydney harbor, the Danish Architect won many accolades for this structure. It marked the start of the Modern era for Sydney after its colonial rule.
Photo of Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia by Sydney Urban Adventures
Named after the original Hyde Park in London, this is the oldest parkland in Australia. Once a popular racing ground and a turf for various other sports, today this 40 acre park is only a humble reminder of the city's past. This huge space filled with gardens and a main fountain at the center is perfect to lay back and absorb the two-hour walk. A perfect end point to the journey.