A Day in Dhanushkodi

Day 1

This tiny place is located on south of pamban island????. It was destroyed in 1964 due to a massive cyclone in Rameshwaram and left abandoned since then.

The town used to be pretty bustling before this tragic incident. It had a school, church, temples and several houses. Now all it carries, is ruins of the same. Since there were lot of people who died here in the cyclone, the place was abandoned by Madras Govt. But from past few years it has started gaining traction by travellers who are trying to explore offbeat destinations.

It’s soothing to sit here and listen to the calm sound of tides from Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal! Also you can shop some nice handicraft stuffs made from seashells.

Please note that there are no guest houses, hotels here and it’s not allowed to visit this place after 5 PM. It can be covered easily in two hours from Rameshwaram.

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Photo of Dhanushkodi Beach Rd, Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu 623526, India by Neha Anand