Day Zero. Ground Zero!


Shouts scream a total pandemonium. A huge turnover to my flag off. Press media, pictures lectures and all the usual stuffs. With loads of blessings and well wishes. I was clueless about any of these. It’s very difficult to keep ones calm and poise under these circumstantial attention he is being subjected too. But somehow all the small test runs, the long runs, riding into the night, blazing through the day made me very calm. I somehow learnt to cut through all the noise like an arrow and hit the bulls eye. My goal.

For the past few months I’ve been getting sleepless nights. I would wake up in the middle of the night just to check up on things which weren’t even supposed to be there. For instance I would wake up just to check up on my bike or the bonfire right near my tent. But hey! Wait a minute I am still in my own room, in, my own cosy bed, I am still here I haven’t get left for my journey. But guess what, I was all prepped up…..I was ready.

14th Jan, 2016. I woke up early, had to leave to Chennai today. One last glance at room, more importantly my favorite wall. My wall had few posters today I somehow kept staring at one poster only. It was the map of the “Middle Earth” (the Lord of the rings reference). The little hobbits left their life of merry, dancing, drinking and lazing around and took on the perilous path for a greater cause, for a bigger purpose to save the entire middle earth from the clutches of evil. They were small, almost insignificant, fearful bunch of lads. But when time came nothing could stop them from becoming legends.

This story was in, my head throughout the journey from Bangalore to Chennai. Leaving is always very difficult be it a place or people. So let’s not talk about it. I left my cosy bed, my beautiful house, all the beautiful people and the lovely weather far behind and journeyed into the harsh terrains. Enroute a lot was on mY mind. My past and my future were playing a short tug of war. Questions to which I didn’t have answers. Answers which could have no questions? But then, it was solved. I got the answer from the very road, which told me all you need to think is now. This is your time, your life, your moment you can either choose to seize it or let it go. Past has gone by and future is yet to come. All that is there is the PRESENT.

So like the hobbits of shire I embark on this journey.For me, for you for everyone who is a bird within and wants fly high spreading its wings talking to the wind and kissing the clouds. And my goal is to inspire at least one person to go ahead and live his dream. So now I ride to live and as well to inspire. (At least one).