Varkala- Beach with a cliff

Photo of Varkala- Beach with a cliff 1/7 by isha
Photo of Varkala- Beach with a cliff 2/7 by isha
Photo of Varkala- Beach with a cliff 3/7 by isha
Photo of Varkala- Beach with a cliff 4/7 by isha
Photo of Varkala- Beach with a cliff 5/7 by isha
Photo of Varkala- Beach with a cliff 6/7 by isha
Photo of Varkala- Beach with a cliff 7/7 by isha

What an amazing place it is..!!

As soon as you enter the Varkala town, you will find it is nothing different than any other town. But the difference comes when you go the North Cliff Helipad and see the beach from the top of the cliff.

so how I went there ?

I went to Varkala from Trivandrum. Easily one can get local bus to Varkala from Trivandrum bus Terminal. It takes around 2 hrs to reach there. Then after reaching Varkala town, I took an auto-rickshaw to the North Cliff Helipad. I had my stay booked at Vedanta Wake-Up that too a very comfy bamboo room .

After reaching...

I checked-in to the Vedanta wake-Up and then freshened up and left for the beach. The beach is walkable distance from the stay. You will find Helipad on reaching there. From there if you go towards the left, you will see Papanasam beach where priests and people use to go for holy bath and yagya. You will even find ATM there and good affordable South Indian restaurant. ATMs are very rare there, especially in North Cliff( No ATM at all ). Mostly purchasing is made on cash.

Then I headed towards the North Cliff. A line of rooftop restaurants is there. Each one has there own ambiance . Apart from restaurants, many shops you will see and ayurvedic spa-various spas( even I had ayurvedic spa of one kind ) and ofcourse it is a vacation place for large crowd of foreigners. I strolled around the cliff and then went down to the beach. The beach has two kind of crowds- Indian and foreign. Indian crowd beach is dirty but the other one is quiet clean . The waves get higher in the night and the only sound you listen sitting on the rooftop of any restaurant with a glass of beer in hand is of Waves. This is so effective that you will get lost somewhere for sure. That day I met a group of Keralites and then a Swedish man at my accomodation. He was talking about how dirty India is, street dogs roam around and bark leading to irritation and guys walk together, girls walk with girls ..kinda gay or lesbian thing here. But I convinced him its kinda brotherhood and sisterhood in India. Still he found it weird as compared to his country.

This is how my Day 1 ended. Then the next day I had very less time as I had to return back to Chennai. So I went to the beach early morning and then the South Cliff. I also had Spa appointment( Spa in just 500 bucks ). So I rushed to do all the things . The day was very sunny as I went there in March but the night was supercool. I was also out of cash , then I had to get some cash from a forex shop where they charged me Rs 50 extra. Then I shopped a scarf, hat , miniature cards etc. from the cliff shops( Bargaining skills needed :P).

Somehow I was left with some time as my train timing for Varkala was 3 pm. So I went to the Black beach, a little ahead of This beach. It's good but water depth is more here.

Now it was time to say Good Bye to Varkala ...!!

I went to the town and caught my train which took 17 hrs to reach Chennai. As the plan was sudden, so I did not get the tickets , so had to go in General coach. I did not feel any discomfort in General as on a whole my trip was amazing and the spa worked..:)