Delhi to McLeodGanj

2nd Nov 2015
There was a stack of questions piled up when I left Delhi to be somewhere quiet and close to nature to try and look for the answers. I was going to Dharamshala but a graceful woman from France stopped me frim getting of the bus and insisted that I should get down and the next station which was McLeodGanj. I couldn't refuse and sat next to her. Although we parted ways from the bus station but when I got off the bus it took little time for the crowd to disappear and I was left standing at a point where I could see the dawn breaking and it felt impossible to take the next step. The first few rays of the sun were trying to wake up the mountains. The light was dim and i kept waiting for the sunlight to glow like gold on those mountains but that day it didn't. After staring at the horizon with the unavoidable scenery i chose a direction and started walking. There came a man with a visiting card and whispered to me about a hotel. I had the fear of the unknown and based on that i refused to entertain him but i went back to him after finishing my cigarette and he took me to a nice place answering all my questions about the town. He assured assistance of any kind and without any sleep, i moved out to take a walk. The first thing i encountered was the sunlight was embellishing the town and i stopped to have some breakfast. I saw a lady who was brushing the doormat of her store and greeting the people passing by. Without interrupting her i went ahead and met a few fellow passengers from the bus. Without stopping i went on to see the Bhagsunag fall where i met two soulful musicians with their acoustic instruments and we sat together for a good time and played our moods through those instruments. I took their permission to leave and sat near the fall for sometime and while it was getting dark, i left for the hotel. I met everyone on my way back, went to Marleen (the lady who was brushing the doormat earlier) to greet her and bought some souvenirs from her store. Marleen and me spoke at lengths at a wide range of our common grounds. Finally reached the hotel to take some sleep. Early morning i left with my back pack and stopped at a cafe for breakfast where i met a bunch of young Spanish people. We sat together discussing travel and exchanged pleasantries when suddenly someone calls me from the hotel informing me that i forgot my wallet at the hotel room which had good cash, identities and cards. That gentleman came to me to return the wallet which was not even opened once. I left town and went to Dharamshala to Dalhousie to Khajjiar and back to Delhi. 

Well, while walking through the roads at these places i realized that there are no questions and no answers and you just need to sync with the place you are at. I wish i had more time to write about magnificent experience I've had but i can only advise you to visit these place and things will take there own course. So i won't bore you with the bad literature and would love to read your experiences as well. Enjoy the solitude and the beautyPhoto of Delhi to McLeodGanj 1/5 by Arpit Agnihotri 
Photo of Delhi to McLeodGanj 2/5 by Arpit Agnihotri Photo of Delhi to McLeodGanj 3/5 by Arpit Agnihotri Photo of Delhi to McLeodGanj 4/5 by Arpit Agnihotri Photo of Delhi to McLeodGanj 5/5 by Arpit Agnihotri