Just In: Auroras Light Up The Sky Over Ladakh With Its Riot of Colors


The vast landscape of Ladakh peppered with beautiful scenery witnessed the rare, never-seen Auroras lights dazzling its clear sky with its multicolor phenomenon as a powerful geomagnetic storm touched the Earth. According to sources, this never-seen-before phenomenon in Ladakh was witnessed only on one day in April.

(C) Unsplash

Photo of Just In: Auroras Light Up The Sky Over Ladakh With Its Riot of Colors by Satarupa Mitra Datta

The Aurora Borealis occurs only when charged particles from the sun collide with Earth's magnetic field. These collisions bring about various shades of colors that sparkle the sky and seen up close only close to the poles. According to sources, Ladakh witnessed stunning auroras that are rarely seen in lower latitudes. What causes the geomagnetic storm is the eruption of the solar flare that leads to disturbances in the magnetic field.

These sightings of greenish-blueish lights are also a matter of luck but the recent occurrence took place as far south as Ladakh and that is some news for us. According to sources, the Indian Astronomical Observatory on camera captured the greatest light show on Earth over Mount Saraswati during the 22-23 rd of April, 2023.

Crazy, right?

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