Escape to Niagara falls. 

29th Oct 2016
Photo of Escape to Niagara falls. by Swetha Kumar

I was lucky enough to visit USA during the month of October/November. Not to forget it was the best time to visit Niagara Falls and the season of fall.

I travelled on a work purpose to Philadelphia city during end of October and could not wait for a weekend to explore more of the country. My colleagues and I were in a dilemma whether to visit Washington, New York or visit Niagara. And my heart was screaming Niagaraaaaaaaa pleaseeee.

As a teenage I used to hear a lot of stories from my cousin who visited Niagara and mentioned how beautiful the majestic fall is, and when I was finally visiting the country I for sure had this on my checklist.

Saturday- October 29th 2016.

8 a.m.- Drive to Buffalo USA

We considered options to travel via bus or take a flight, but we were 10 in number and we thought the best way is to rent a vehicle and drive through the city, and the road trip is the best when you have a group of people isn’t it?

We rode through the Binghamton NY and took the highway and west to Buffalo, the scenary along this route was the most breath taking, as I could witness the trees turned red due to fall and the leaf falling along the way. And it was Halloween time of year and i could see many houses decorated with pumpkins and kids dressed to go around for Trick or treat.

We stopped over couple of times for lunch and breaks as the journey was a 6 hour longer. 380 miles to be exact.

6 p.m. - Arrived at Niagara falls state park

We arrived at Buffalo by Sunset around 6pm and checked into our hotel. We got freshened up real quick and rushed to witness the night view of the falls.

The weather was real cold and chilly; we had our jackets on to keep ourselves warmer. My first view will always be the moment to cherish, the sound of falls and the drizzle from it was all that I wanted in night. We were able to view the illumination; the falls looked like a rainbow with the greatest sight. I could totally go with the quote “"To see the fall at night is to be wide awake in the land of dreams". We could view the city of Toronto from the other end and the lightings were just striking. It was almost late night and we got back to our hotel to rest.

Photo of Niagara Falls, NY, United States by Swetha Kumar

Sunday- October 30th 2016

10 a.m- Morning walk to Niagara Falls State Park

Post our lazy sunrise and the heavy breakfast we went back to the falls for a second time to witness the magic during the day. The falls was way different during the day. The weather was real cloudy and there were slight rains too.

We captured the breathtaking view in our cameras and phones so we can get our family jealous by showing all the pictures.

Photo of Escape to Niagara falls. by Swetha Kumar

12 p.m- Noon to Maid of Mist

A trip to Niagara will be incomplete if you miss Maid of the mist. We bought a ticket at the counter, the ticket costed us around $18 and we were given a rain poncho as a souvenir and boarded the double deck tour boat. The boat takes you closer to falls; you can get the best view from the upper deck. The ride is real tough due to its stronger waves and you can get lot of water sprinkles even if you are on a poncho. But who cares? The experience is simply awe inspiring.

The ride is around an hour and brings you back to the shore post you get the closer view of magnificent fall.

Photo of Escape to Niagara falls. by Swetha Kumar

4 p.m- Ride back to Philadelphia

Post the lunch it was time for us to once again hit the highway and head back to Philadelphia. Above all it was the best experience that I had and to carry a lot of memories through out of my life.

I definitely will recommend people to visit Niagara once at least in a life time.

Photo of Escape to Niagara falls. by Swetha Kumar


Swetha Kumar