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1 Day
Seasons of Appenzell

  Hoher Kasten - a nice knife-edge massif on top of which spectacular views of Appenzeller ...

From old town Appenzell to high mountains at St. Moritz

After a restless night, despite the body ache from travel, we were up and ready to start our jour...

Suheil Patel
8 Days
In the land of Alps and Alpine cheese  

From wandering through Alps to reuniting with two friends - 10 days in this beautiful land accoun...

Anjali Patel
Top of Alpstein (Säntis)

This was back in 2010 when I happened to visit a Swiss mountain top for the very first time. I we...

1 Day
In the Land of Circular Rainbows

  Welcome to Toggenburg, the land of circular rainbows! Or semi-circular to be precise. I...

1 Day
Biking Bodensee Circuit (Thurgau Cantonment)

Thurgau, the cyclist's holiday paradise on Lake Constance (Bodensee). This region characterised ...


Schaukaserei Schwagalp
c/o Santis-Schwebebahn AG, Schwagalp, 9107
Cafe-Confiserie Laimbacher
Weissbadstrasse 3 / Filiale Hauptgasse 22, Appenzell
St Mauritius Church
Marktgasse 4, Appenzell 9050
Appenzeller Badi
Weissbadstrasse, Appenzell 9050
Kunsthalle Ziegelhutte
Ziegeleistrasse 14, Appenzell 9050

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Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland, with beautiful Lake Zürich and many other architectural wonders. Fifa World Museum is located right here for football fans. I rather chose to scroll through Toy Museum. If you want to see how toys looked like 300 years ago, just spare some time for it. Quite fascinated with these preserves I decided to pay a visit to a church nearby, and the architecture and carvings were marvellous.

About Appenzell

Gentle, rolling hills in fi fty shades of green; finely carved chalets with adjacent barns; tinkling bells of cows blissfully grazing in the meadows—this pastoral Swiss image plays out in loops in the tiny town of Appenzell. Walk through the town admiring the houses, boutiques, and restaurants with their colourful façades and intricate frescoes—the Löwen Pharmacy ( with its crimson façade painted with medicinal herbs is an architectural gem. Stop by at Böhli Bakery (Alfred und Markus Sutter Engelgasse; 9;+4171/788-1570) to sample the Appenzeller Biber, their delicious gingerbread with honey and nuts.Visit Hampi Fässler’s Atelier ( next, to watch him make traditional leather belts studded with metal décor, which are proudly worn by the local farmers. Head over to Stein (10 kms from Appenzell) to the Appenzeller Schaukäserei (, a show dairy, where you can watch the pungent Appenzeller cheese being made and the storage process for ageing. In the rustic restaurant of the dairy, try various cheese delicacies like fondue, raclette, and rösti. For a spot of adventure, go hiking or snowshoeing in the Alpine landscape.STAY The stylish Hotel Hof Weissbad ( where the typical Swiss chalet hotel meets a cool design aesthetic. Every Wednesday, the hotel hosts a typical Appenzeller evening featuring traditional string music and folk dances.

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