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Day one of the five-day leg challenge on the Silk Route starts now.Aritar to Phadamchen (4600 ft- 8000 ft)Distance: 36.7kmThe trip was flagged off from the Lampokhri Lake on 1 April and then began the first downhill ride to Rongli, along the shade of the dark bamboo thickets. The 15km downhill ride till the Rongli Bridge was the easier initial stretch and then began the first uphill struggle to Phadamchen. All riders took it slow and some kids running alongside us and matching our pace for miles, kept us entertained.Our homestays along this route were rather memorable and on the first pitstop at Phadamchen, we were welcomed with a hot gundruk (dried radish) soup and beats of old Bollywood songs for a perfect karaoke night. It's a well-kept secret that karaoke scenes thrive in these far flung villages of Sikkim and most homestays on the route have a functional karaoke setup.

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