The Sikkim

6th Sep 2019

Thanbi view

Photo of The Sikkim by Satwinder singh dhaliwal
Photo of The Sikkim 1/1 by Satwinder singh dhaliwal
The Nimachin
Day 1

The Changu Lake

Photo of The Sikkim by Satwinder singh dhaliwal

Day 1: - The Start of the Trip from home with early Bag Packs. On the way to the journey towards Chandigarh Airport with my Friend, who drops me at the Airport with Gagan Sir, from The Airport Chownk, With Early Morning Flight to Delhi from Chandigarh. It was the First journey from Chandigarh Airport towards any Destination. It was a combined Flight towards Bagdogra Airport (WB) from Delhi. Taken Flight @ 07:55 Am, right Timing and we were there @ Sharp 09:10 am and it was full 3 hours before the next flight.

1) Delhi Airport :- The Delhi Airport is very good to enjoy with the atmosphere there as you love to travel. Spended @ Least 3 hours there and taken Breakfast there with Gagan Sir, The Favourite Idli-Vada with Hot Coffee. The South Indian Breakfast Perfectly enjoyed before the Next connected flight.

2) The Bagdogra :- The Bagdogra Airport is Fall Between the Beautiful Vallies and Tea Gardens around. It was Sharp right 12:40 Flight towards Bagdogra Airport from Delhi. We Both (me and Gagan sir) enjoyed The Kesar Dhoodh in Indigo on the way. After 1 hours and 40 Minutes on Air we were @ Bagdogra Airport. Taken Taxi from Airport towards Hotel, " The Chas Rajdarbar" in Silliguri. The Distance is about 16 to 17 Km from The Airport towards the Hotel. As it was Booked Before the Trip as other Friends are also come to join the Trip from Kolkata and Lucknow. @ Same Venue.

3) The Person who Misses : - The Biggest Miss was the Perfect Friend who made it all count was missed out of the Trip as the Office issues and Others. The, "Sawarna Banerjee" at Last Moment before the Trip starts he Missed out. The Reason as Mentioned, It was very funny and Sad to be Missed out.

4) The Tea with Lunch : - At 4 pm we were at the Hotel, " The Chas Rajdarbar ". Taken Rest there, as Stomach was fully empty. We have not taken heavy lunch but we have taken Local Pakora and Sandwich with Tea, "The Assam Gold" Local Tea. It was very Fantastic Lunch–cum-Tea to Enjoy.

5) The Joy of Meeting : - It was very Fantastic to meet friends after a Long time with so much of excitement after seen them on Phone and listen to their voices. After the Gap of almost 5 to 7 Years we Meet. Sk Imtiaj bhai and The Other friends.

6) The Dinner : - The Dinner was taken outside the Hotel a new Place as (Atif Bhai and Sk Imtiaj) both Suggested a Great One. Absolutely the Dinner was Fantastic as we all take Our Special Recipes as a North Indian Love. It was a Surprise the Owner of the Restaurant was a, " Sardar". He Owen's this restaurant from Last 20 Years and The Food is Fantastic.

The Day one of The Trip was Closes @ 01:00 am in the Morning as It Starts with as early as wake up from 04:00 am, after all the Travelling and Meeting with Friends it's over and go to bead to sleep. The Hotel was fantastic with great Room Service.

The Zuluk view from room stay

Photo of Bagdogra, West Bengal, India by Satwinder singh dhaliwal

The Beutiful Mountains

Photo of Bagdogra, West Bengal, India by Satwinder singh dhaliwal

The view

Photo of Bagdogra, West Bengal, India by Satwinder singh dhaliwal


Photo of Bagdogra, West Bengal, India by Satwinder singh dhaliwal

Guess it

Photo of Bagdogra, West Bengal, India by Satwinder singh dhaliwal


Photo of Bagdogra, West Bengal, India by Satwinder singh dhaliwal

The Que khola Falls

Photo of Bagdogra, West Bengal, India by Satwinder singh dhaliwal

The Que khola falls

Photo of Bagdogra, West Bengal, India by Satwinder singh dhaliwal

The Falls

Photo of Bagdogra, West Bengal, India by Satwinder singh dhaliwal

The Aritar LAke view

Photo of Bagdogra, West Bengal, India by Satwinder singh dhaliwal

Aritar Lake

Photo of Bagdogra, West Bengal, India by Satwinder singh dhaliwal

The Monestry view from Aritar Lake

Photo of Bagdogra, West Bengal, India by Satwinder singh dhaliwal

The Day- 2: - The Day 2 Starts with early wake up, with Taken Daily Morning routines. At 9:00 all the Friends were @ the Breakfast Table of the Hotel as Breakfast was booked. The Breakfast consists of Bread Toast, The Jam & Omlate, Poori-Chole, The Boiled Eggs with Juice, The cornflakes. The Tea and Coffee. At about 10:00 am the Breakfast is Over.

1) The Gangtok: - After Leaving the Hotel @ about 11:00 am we are Ready with go to our First Destination as Planned to See the Gangtok City. Taken a Tata Sumo with all 6 Friends. At the Coronation Bridge on the way near Sevoke we have Taken few Pics on the Bank's of The River,"Teesta".

2) The Teesta View: - On the Journey we have taken snacks with Tea in the Hotel on the way. The Sight was very Beautiful as Teesta River flows......Damm hot view. Few Pics were snapped there, as the View is very Perfect, enjoyed a cup of Black Tea with Snacks. Nearly Spended 1 hour there as, The Driver is Rushing to come early......

3) The History of Teesta River :- The Teesta River originates from the Pahunri (or Teesta Kangse) glacier above 7,068 metres (23,189 ft), and flows southward through gorges and rapids in the Sikkim Himalaya. It is fed by rivulets arising in the Thangu, Yumthang and Donkha mountain ranges. The river then flows past the town of Rangpo where the Rangpo River joins, and where it forms the border between Sikkim and West Bengal up to Teesta Bazaar. Just before the Teesta Bridge, where the roads from Kalimpong and Darjeeling join, the river is met by its main tributary, the Rangeet River At this point, it changes course southwards flowing into West Bengal.

Teesta River Bridge Inscription

The river hits the plains at Sevoke, 22 kilometres (14 mi) northeast of Siliguri, where it is spanned by the Coronation Bridge linking the northeast states to the rest of India. The river then goes merging up with the Brahmaputra River after it bifurcates the city of Jalpaiguri and flows just touching Cooch Behar district at Mekhliganj and moves to Fulchori in Bangladesh.

4) The Gangtok: - On the way from Silliguri there are also few good Locations which were Captured in the Camera. See Video for the Pics as Followed respectively. At evening we have reached Gangtok at about 4 pm. Taken 2 Local Taxi's from Local Stand as the Local WB Drivers come only at the Bus Stand-cum, Taxi Stand. 200 Per Taxi towards the Hotel. The Hotel Named,"Meru " as Booked on the Spot as rooms are perfect with no Fan and Ac Their coz the Temperatures are very Low, you don't need Those. It was Full of Rain Started as we Reached the Hotel. The Rooms are only at 1000 rs each for 2 Persons. This is the Off Season as mentioned by the Locals. The Season Starts with Oct to Feb. The Prices are High at that time as the room Taken @ 1000 is available in the season for app. 3000 to 4000 Rs. as Told by the Locals.

5) The Dinner :- Taken Dinner @ hotel as it was raining outside. Taken Dinner @ Hotel early as the Market Closes as Early as 08:00 to 09:00 Pm. The Food is fantastic as compare to the North one. The Capatis (Roti) was not that good as it was mixed with Meda, the Rice atta and Normal one. Taken Rice with Dal...The Yellow the Favourite of One of Our Friend from Jhansi. Enjoyed The Local Made Rice with Dal and Mixed Veg as Others Also Enjoyed Their Food to. The Dinner was Enjoyed by Sk Imtiaj, Wassem bhai, Sanjay Razz, Anant Dey, Atif Bhai, Gagandeep Singh Bawa. and Myself.

6) The Gangtok Market: - After the Dinner, we all goes to the Market, The Market is named as MG Market. From the Start of the Market There is the Statue of Mahatma Gandhi as named as the Market. The Left there is a Sikkim Tourism Center and Opposite the Market Shops. The Market is quiet Big as seen the other Markets Like the Mall Roads etc. The Leh, Manali and Shimla are the Same Once but short to this one. All the big Brands Banks etc. are there in the Market.

Eaten the Ice Cream @ 10:00 pm Late Night after Sleeping. It was full of enjoy as the day started and ended.

The Day 3: - The Day 3 Starts early as we wake up late @ 7 am in the Morning taken daily routine and Taken Breakfast as North Indian Paratha with Others Bengoli and Tost Mixes. After Taken the Breakfast we are ready towards the Destinations of Changu Lake, Baba Harbhajan Mandir and Natu-la Pass.

1) The Changu Lake: - The Changu Tso Lake or Tsongmo Lake is situated in the Eastern Parts of Sikkim, among the other Lakes in Sikkim as the water is clean. It gives the Memory of same Dal Lake as visited earlier this Year. The Lake is Situated Nearly 40 Km's from Capital Gangtok. Located at 12,313 ft, the lake remains frozen during the winter season. The lake surface reflects different colours with change of seasons and is held in great reverence by the local Sikkim's people. The Lake is about 25 miles away from Gangtok on the Gangtok-Nathula highway. The Chinese Border is Near as 5 Km's from the Lake. The Lake is frozen in Winters like Dal Lake.

2) The Natu La Pass: - The pass, is Located 14,140 ft above sea Level. The Nathu means "listening ears" and La means "pass" in Tibetan Language. Nathu La is one of the three open trading border posts between China and India. Seen The Border with at the Height nothing else to say about it.

3) The Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir: - The Baba Mandir is the another Venue of the Trip as we go across to see the Temple in the Mountains.

Every year on 11 September, a jeep departs with his personal belongings to the nearest railway station, New Jalpaiguri, from where it is then sent by train to the village of Kuka, in the Kapurthala district of the Indian state of Punjab. While empty berths on any train of the Indian Railways are invariably allocated to any waitlisted passenger or on a first-come-first-served basis by the coach attendants, a special reservation for the Baba is made. Every year a seat is left empty for the journey to his hometown and three soldiers accompany the Baba to his home. A small sum of money is contributed by soldiers posted in Nathula to be sent to his mother each month. The Mandir is Perfectly made with Now the Old and the New there are now 2 Mandir's. With Langer also given there in the Temple as the Older Mandir.

The Mind was silent to see the Bravery. After returning from there in the evening around 4 pm we were going to Zuluk a Native Place. Zuluk in East Sikkim is a new tourist destination on the Silk route, travel information for tourists visiting Zuluk.

4) The Zuluk :- Zuluk is a small Place located at a height of around 10,000 feet on the rugged terrain of the lower Himalayas in East Sikkim (Pin code 737131). This place is relatively an emerging and offbeat destination in East Sikkim. Today it is fast emerging as a new tourist destination. It derives its tourism importance due to the excellent view of the eastern Himalayan mountain range including the Kanchenjunga. It was full of Rain around when we Reach Zuluk in the evening. Taken Room Stay @ 750 each with Dinner and Breakfast. The rooms were cool and Fantastic. The Only issue of the Network as there was Heavy Rain, The Network is not that good. Enjoyed Late Night Dinner with Beauties to see from the window. The Climate is changed quite a while with Minutes to see the Clouds below and minutes to see them clear blue sky. Pin drop silence was there in the Mountains. Love to see the Beauty in the Morning Next day it was cool and Clear as the Day Progresses early.

The Nimachin

Photo of Aritar, Sikkim, India by Satwinder singh dhaliwal

The Day 4: - The day Starts as we were there in Zuluk. Early morning Walk with daily routine after words headed over to Breakfast. Gone there to see the Kitchen as Seen old beauties of Utensils, with old way to cook food like we usually use to see them in Villages.

Above Picture shows the Traditional way of Cooking. A Perfect kitchen to see this. Taken Breakfast and headed over to the Next Destination as It was again a Lake. On the way to we were there on a small village Called, "Nimachin". A Perfect view of Mountains with full of Greenery outside, all the way we have seen around.

1) Que Khola Falls: - On the way from Nimachin we have taken some refreshment in small Huts of Que Khola Falls. The Best Part is that Every Where in Mountains you'll get Maggie, It's more the Cheaper here in Sikkim as in Other Parts of the Mountains. The Falls is situated on the Silk Route, on the way to East Sikkim the waterfall has all the natural Beauty which makes it most beautiful to see and to visit it. The water is crystal and clear with the beautiful green valley's around. It is situated in 100 m in height (Rorathang-Rongli road).

2) The Aritar Lake:- The Aritar Lake is the Last Lake in Sikkim of our Destination absolutely beautiful. The Aritar Lake (Ghati-Tso) is a nearby attraction, as are traditional villages and monasteries such as Lingsay. There is a British-built bungalow of 1895 located 0.5 kilometres below the lake Which you can stay as the time is not much to say good by to the Lake we spend only half an hour there and it was 4.30 pm in the evening.

3) Kalimpong: - The History .... a perfect city a silent one and fully green city around. Stayed at homestay with 700 each rental with Breakfast and Dinner. The rooms are perfect with windows open with around you see the mountains. Enjoyed dinner and gone outside to explore the city @ night. A perfect night life too.

Day 5

4) The Morgan House: - Morgan House is a mansion of British colonial architecture built by an English jute baron Mr George Morgan in the 1930s on the hill station of Kalimpong, Kalimpong district, West Bengal. Today, the mansion is a hotel managed by West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation (WBTDC). Earlier this property was also known as Singamari Tourist Lodge or Durpin Tourist Lodge. You can stay and book the Lodge by visiting there or on Govt. Web if Possible.

The Day 5: - Wake up early as going out for a walk with Friends it was very silent outside as a fabulous walk around the streets towards the Morgan House. The Golf course was also being a Fabulous site to see the beauties from the top. Eaten Breakfast and Ready for the small destination in Kalingpong named as," Zang Dhok Palri Monastery/Durpin Monastery".

1) The Durpin Monastery :- The Durpin Dara is one of the two hills (dara in local language)(the other being Deolo Hill) connected by a ridge on which the town of Kalimpong stands. The hill is 1,372 metres (4,501 feet) above mean sea level and is located south west of the town. The hill commands a panoramic view overlooking the town of Kalimpong, the snow clad Himalayan ranges of West Sikkim, the Teesta River and its valleys and the Jelepla Pass in the distance. A golf course is also present just off the summit. The Zang Dhok Palri Monastery which was consecrated by the Dalai Lama in 1976 Stay at Least half an hour there and returned back to the den as other friends are moving towards their destination back to Bagdogra for their destination towards Kolkata.

Day 6

2) Tarey Bhir:- The legends of the village says that the name Tarey thang comes from two words 'Tarey' which means the Tarey Bhir and the word 'Thang' means the plain land. It means the plain land under Tarey bhir is called as Tarey thang. Tarey thang is a small village located near Pakyong sub division at the East district of Sikkim state in India. This village is about 250 m above sea level with a sub-tropical climate. It is just 12 kilometre far away from Pakyong. In electoral roll of 2011, Tarey thang comes under the Assembly Constituency of Chujachen. Reached at The top of the hill near about 1 pm with same location as in Himachal Pardesh Named, "Kasauli" . The Population was less and the greenery was every where. There is a video i m uploading a short one about Tarey bhir. back to Kalingpong before the destination city and It say good bye to everybody as we taken Local Govt. bus towards Silliguri @ 2pm and reached the destination @ 6 pm in the evening.

The day-6 ........... Tea Gardens and the beautiful city before reaching the Tea Gardens we headed over the Hotel rooms to stay as it was very vast Travelling from the Last few days and it's now time to say good bye to the tour.

1) The Silliguri: - It was the Sixth day of the destination as we woke up and ready towards the Silliguri Railway Station to see the Toy Train. It was there on the Platform, the Unesco Site. They usually use the Petrol engine regularly as everyday use. But if there is a booking, The Railways uses as per the Bookings. It was very remarkable moment to see this, but we miss out as there was no day left to go there.

2) The Tea Garden: - From the Hotel as we move to take the flight in between before the Airport there were Tea Garden. we were there and seen this first time in my Life. The Tea Garden it was very beautiful as seen the Tea Leaves all around you. Fantastic to see them.

3) The return: - Taken flight in the evening and it was there @ 4.30 Pm taken Train back to home @ 8 am i was there in Silliguri and at 8 pm i was in my home in Punjab.

It was a fascinating tour with friends as made by one of the friend who was missed out from the Tour. Special thanks to the People who supported and being with me on the tour.

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