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The villages of Goa make up its heart and soul. If the goal is to witness the real Goa, away from all the beaches and rave, a visit to Assagao will serve the purpose. Assagao is a beautiful village in North Goa, that rests peacefully in the verdant hills, clothed in cashew groves. Located about 4km west of Mapusa, this village lies in Bardez. Gifted with burgeoning cashew groves, natural beauty and the gentle breeze of the Arabian sea, Assagao has a peaceful and laid back air about it. The sight of an unending canopy of green is a feast to the eyes. Assagao is also bestowed with the healing powers of spring water, known as Dossazor. Taking a dip in the sparkling, cool water of the spring will definitely reinvigorate your tired self. The beautiful St. Cajetan Church exudes the Portuguese heritage of the village. This church is architecturally similar with St Alex in Calangute. The close proximity of the village to the popular Anjuna and Vagator Beach further enhances your options to explore the coastline of Goa. Next time you visit Goa, stop at Assagao and savour in the raw feel this rural area offers.

Trips and Itineraries for Assagao

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