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As I stand clueless at the Cairo International Airport, with my heart and mind muddled by the strangeness in the air and the unfamiliarity of the words and whispers gushing into my ears- with no access to the internet to get a hold of the guy responsible to pick me up and with no idea about his appearance.Passing the test of communicating with the policeman to lend me his WiFi for a minute was like setting the Thames on fire. Soon enough, I was with Mohamed Hassan in his car, heading towards my hostel. It was my first experience interacting with an Egyptian guy. His exotic-accent and sharp features were indeed very appealing.As we drove through the roads and lanes of Cairo, I was in awe. By and by I felt comfortable around the unfamiliar vibes and figures on the streets and roads. The clamour of the people, the heaving realm of chaos and the subtleness in the style of living of souls passing by, pepped me up for my impending adventure.It was when I reached Downtown Cairo, I understood why Michael Haag said, “Cairo is an exploding modern metropolis which nevertheless preserves within its heart the finest medieval city in the world...”

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Best time to visit Cairo is from October to May

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