Champhai Travel Guide and Tourism

Located in far east of India is Champhai, a border town in Mizoram. It is said that the history of the Mizos begins and ends in Champhai. The town offers a commanding view of the adjoining Myanmar hills and the adjacent plain land that also happens to be the largest in the state. Even though it is a rapidly developing commercial town, Champhai has preserved the age-old Mizo culture and practises it till date. Legends and folklore impart an interesting twist to every other place. For example, the Mura Puk is a collection of six caves, which is believed to be the hiding spot of Mizos from an eagle that was a man eater. Champhai is a treat to the eyes as well. At the base of the city are the paddy fields that shine bright when the sun comes out. And the sight is unbelievably beautiful. The Rih Dil is a scenic lake in the shape of a heart, which the locals consider to be the state's corridor to heaven. Lush greenery, kiwi and passion fruit plantations and well-manicured vineyards of Hnahlan add to the beauty of the town. This place is a good shopping destination, where you can get all sorts of imported materials.
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