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Located in far east of India is Champhai, a border town in Mizoram. It is said that the history of the Mizos begins and ends in Champhai. The town offers a commanding view of the adjoining Myanmar hills and the adjacent plain land that also happens to be the largest in the state. Even though it is a rapidly developing commercial town, Champhai has preserved the age-old Mizo culture and practises it till date. Legends and folklore impart an interesting twist to every other place. For example, the Mura Puk is a collection of six caves, which is believed to be the hiding spot of Mizos from an eagle that was a man eater. Champhai is a treat to the eyes as well. At the base of the city are the paddy fields that shine bright when the sun comes out. And the sight is unbelievably beautiful. The Rih Dil is a scenic lake in the shape of a heart, which the locals consider to be the state's corridor to heaven. Lush greenery, kiwi and passion fruit plantations and well-manicured vineyards of Hnahlan add to the beauty of the town. This place is a good shopping destination, where you can get all sorts of imported materials.

Trips and Itineraries for Champhai

Aizwal Aizwal Football Ground Champai Rih-Dil Rih-Dil Myanmar/Burma Murlan Murlan National PArk Mizoram puts to shame even the most civilized nations of the west and with the added humility, it just amazes you....

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The Capital | beautiful room with mirrors | INR 590 May 3: 6 AM | Silchar> Aizawl |maxi cab All passengers are army men | checkpost at Mizoram | asshole policemen | With a inner line permit into the land of the blue mountains | May 3: 5 PM | Aizawl | Hotel Chawhlam Managed by migrant Bangladeshees | wander around the capital city | May 4: Aizawl The State Museum closed | public holiday | internet cafe | T.V | World war Z | zombie apocalypse initiated | rejected by Lily | May 5: Aizawl> Champhai | Maxi cab from Bara Bazaar After prayer and pee we began the 200 kilometre journey to Champhai | Listening to Mizo songs and Christian hymns | Fellow passengers sing and have their ritualistic paan and supari | Through hill forests | granite quarries | streams | land slides | the green hill ranges | the wavy roads leads to the village lost in the valley | The Champhai Tourist Lodge | Nepali cook/ caretaker | May 6: Champhai The rice bowl of Mizoram | the rare plain area of Mizoram | acres of rice fields | wandering around the village | market | find food | a hill made of multani mitti | local women apply the mud on their faces to protect against the glaring sun| May 7: Champhai Birthday | Lillian makes me a birthday cake out of biscuits, rusk, sliced cakes and flowers | Morning bread and eggs | we walk to village Zote | make graffiti in a rusting field shed | we climb a hill | we can't make it to Rih Dil (the lake corridor to the Mizo heaven called Pialral) so I dig a heart shaped hole | Lily reads me a Mizo folk tale | we walk to the town |Thunder strikes, it rains | Another year passes by | I am still counting pebbles in the sky | May 8: Champhai> Aizawl | Tata Sumo | 8 AM Back to the same hotel | a floor down | cheaper | INR 800 | cockroaches in the bathroom (extra guests, I complain to the manager, he smiles) | T.V | May 9: Aizawl Day of rest | The State Museum | tribal artefacts | internet cafe | May 10: Aizawl Today is the last day of my Mizoram permit | Tomorrow I turn fugitive | I need to cross the state border by night | As luck will have it, it's a Sunday | The day god and its subjects rest in a Christian state | No shops, no buses, no Tata Sumo |Just the good folks in their good clothes wander the streets | Zam Zam Sumo counter agrees to take us across to Silchar after sunset | And then on to the troubled state of Manipur | May 10: Aizawl | 9 AM to 5 PM> waiting at the bus station | 5 PM to 12:30 PM> we reach Manipuri Bazaar (Assam border town) | 12:30 PM to 2 AM> waiting May 11: 2 AM to 3:30 AM> waiting in the cab, empty dark street with drunks | 4 AM> Silchar May 11: Silchar | 4 AM to 6 AM> waiting in the waiting room of the transport companyMay 11: 6 AM | Silchar> Imphal | 12 hours After waiting for 7 hours at Aizawl bus terminal | a red maxi cab takes us on a harrowing journey to Silchar | It involves 90s Bollywood songs, potholes | a four hours wait at Assam border town while the driver drinks beer at a shack cause we are too early | We wait till 6 in the morning for our shared cab to Imphal |They inform us there will be an infinite strike in Manipur from the next day | Against all odds we reach the fortified capital city of Imphal | We cross through over 20 checkpoints | All heavily guarded by military and many involves us to disembark and walk 50 metres across | The thatched huts, the green hill forests and the serpentine river lay in odds with the heavily armed patrolling troops and the North Eastern Frontier Railway tunnels | May 11: Imphal | New Airline Hotel Non availability of rooms | deluxe room | INR 1680 | Splurge | much needed comfort | May 12: Imphal Lazy morning | walk around | Kangra Fort closed |Shahid Minar | polo was invented in the ground next to the Minar | all women market | hotel restaurant | T....

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Top Places To Visit in Champhai 7 Spots

Near Indo-Myanmar Border, Champhai
This is a beautiful park in Mizoram which is more than 100 km away from Aizawl and is surrounded by a small village with about 0 families residing there. The park is filled with natural beauty including a variety of medicinal plants and herbs, mammals, birds, butterflies and many more. The park is also surrounded by six caves including the Lamsial Puk, Zokhtawar, Hnahalan and Tan Tlangis. Orchids are a major attraction here and you will find them in all colours and types in this park. Champhai is the nearest town from here and in case you want to stay close to the park, you will find a number of holiday resorts here.
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Meghalaya’s capital, Shillong is quaint hill-station flanked by pine forests and a few hundred waterfalls scattered across the charming landscape. Also referred to as the Scotland of the East, Shillong is replete with remnants of its British legacy, that can be seen in its architecture and the cuisine found on most menus. The beautiful Umiam, is a manmade lake and locally known as Barapani, it’s one of Shillong’s most popular places to visit. The Wards Lake is another artificial creation and tourists flock to this destination mainly for the boat rides. The multitude of waterfalls crowding the city - Sweet, Bishop and Beadon, and Elephant falls play a significant role in Shillong’s tourism. The Don Bosco Centre of Indigenous Cultures, is a cultural repository for all the seven Northeastern states, boasting of everything from weapons to rare photographs. To witness a magnificent view of the entire city, the Shillong Peak at 1695 msl fanning out over the town is your best bet. While touring Shillong, don’t forget to incorporate the beautiful Golf Course, that is perched at an elevation of 5200ft.


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