Danshui District Tourism & Travel Guide

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Danshui District

Quaint old city, with a gorgeous wharf. We walked ALL THE WAY from Danshui Train Station (which you take from central Taipei), when we could have just taken the red bus 26. It was a 1.5 hour walk! But thinking back, it was a good walk because we saw so much of the town. Good thing there were things to see - quaint houses by the sea, people cycling and strolling, little cafes... The Danshui Old Street was great as well. We had delicious Mifen, fishball soup, and beancurd with vermicelli inside which was great.
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Xīnběitóu Station

Hotsprings, basically! You can just dip your feet in the hot spring river for an instant foot spa. Thermal valley is also pretty cool too as its over 90 deg. celcius and you can see steam rising from the river.
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About Danshui District

Many Government buildings. A reflection of the Old Taipei City

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Danshui District is February and from April to September
Danshui District

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