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Forest Research Institute

Beparwah Parinda
The Forest Research Institute of India, popularly called as FRI Dehradun is an architectural marvel and vast collection of forestry related items in its six museums. The main attraction is its building which is a National Heritage.
Yash Soorma
Firstly we went to see F.R.I. which is actually a institute but famous for its movie shoots and symmetrical hallways .
Pritha Puri
Visiting the Forest Research Institute (FRI) may sound too mainstream, but trust me there's no way you should miss the experience of walking through this campus. FRI was constructed by the Britishers and is Dehradun's precious jewel. Away from the noisy bazaar roads and the sound of car horns, you can peacefully have a slow-paced walk enjoying nature, and listening to the Cicadas call out in the jungle! FRI is located on the Hill Road in Dehradun, and shares its boundary with the prestigious Indian Military Academy, which you can only see from outside its main gates.6) Thano Village walk
Ashwini Jadhav
Forest Research Institute, DehradunReached Dehradun's Jolly Grant Airport and after checking in to Hotel Lalit Palace in heart of the City decided to not waste time and start to explore the nearest destination. Checkouts & Significance: Have a Look at the whole heartedly spreaded FRI Building, with a distinct feature of Arched columns & a Museum created for Students by the own faculty & staff of FRI.The museum is divided into 5 parts which gives us the information regarding the working of FRI and the nature viz. Forests, Animals, Tress & its products. Being a Construction professional,It was nice to see a typical building structure built during British Rule.I decided to walk through the Long walkways road with Tall Tress and spend time in the garden and reach the Main Gate of FRI.Locals come here to have leisure time in the vast garden.Tried to travel through the local Transport and explore the city before reaching the Hotel. The Local 6 seater Auto are called "VIKRAM" here. Dehradun being a small town , i observed the vikram was always fully loaded and i could not get the vikram easily !